Happy Tuesday! I want to introduce you all to a local Charleston artist, Harrison Blackford. She’s releasing a new RESORT collection of doors today at 12pm est, so it’s a perfect time for you to meet her if you haven’t already.

I discovered Harrison’s doors around Christmas when her “southern doors” collection was released.  I mean, I fell in love in an instant. I just have a thing about doors in general, so seeing them in her beautiful abstract/impressionist style of painting really speaks to me. 

The artwork I had my eye on at Christmas sold, but I’m kinda sorta thinking it was meant to be, because when I heard about her resort collection, I just knew it was perfect for our style. Harrison was inspired for this collection by her travels, boho patterns, new color palettes, and island life.

Here’s the collection! All paintings are acrylic paint on paper and they’re 12″w x16″h.

Isn’t it all so good? Go check out her site at noon EST today (2/28) to get your door!


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