Good Monday morning, friends. Can’t believe the weekend came and went, but here we are! Winter finally decided to make an appearance here, which only has one upside in my opinion—the chance to pull out your favorite boots and coats.

These Vince flats below are my absolute favorites. Plenty of sizes available here—and for a discounted price. They come in black, too. My coat is J. Crew, jeans are GAP, and glasses are Karen Walker.

A little coffee table styling. We picked up this new table at Lyndon Leigh over the weekend, but the scale and shape is just off for the arrangement of our living room, sadly. It’s gorgeous, though!

Thought my lemon tree gave me five lemons, but then Brandon found one I had dropped by the door! Wish I knew how to make a lemon pie or something yummy. I picked these way too late, anyway, but they’ll be great in water!

This is pretty much what I wear every day. This hat is from White Elephant Designs. The pants are my absolute favorites from Lululemon and so is the jacket tied around my waist. The top is from there too, but last year’s design. These shoes are new and I’m obsessed.

Lunch at Rita’s, one of our favorite places at Folly Beach. I always get fries, but the truth is, I really don’t love french fries (or any potatoes.) So I always dip about 10 in tons of ranch and call it good. But these tacos… they are LIFE.

Saturday had the most beautiful weather. It was crisp and cool. And really sunny. We ran tons of errands around town with Watson. I told Brandon how thankful I was to have him to do the errands with because it would have taken me two weeks to do them all alone. Seriously, that’s the hardest part about having a baby! It’s so hard to get things done. Think I just need to be a better planner. 🙂

I wore my 5050 boots with an old Ann Taylor coat (they always have the best!) with this Gucci Marmont Nude Metalassé bag. My glasses are older by Prada, but I’m pretty sure these are almost identical.

Oh, did I mention we got a babysitter for the first time on Friday night? We are lucky that both sets of our parents are close enough so that we haven’t had to hire someone, but we went for it on Friday night and thought, “What the heck took us so long?” We went to The Darling and then to Indaco for dessert.

The lobster and crab roll at The Darling is amazing and yes, that’s clam chowder over there with the sole purpose to go over your french fries. I am immediately taking back my words about not loving french fries (even though I always order them) because I think I ate every last one of these. Also, this drink is called the Basil Daisy and it might be my new favorite in Charleston. That’s big time. I was able to track down the recipe here if you’re interested in shaking one up.

Sweet boy with his new toy!

I opened up this wine on Friday night before dinner and loved it! I just had a few sips because I didn’t give it time to cool down, but I’ll have it for my Bachelor viewing party tonight.

This is one that came in my Winc box for the month. I talked all about it in this post, but basically, you can get four bottles of wine for just $30 with this link and my code: HOLYCITYCHIC. You just take a short flavor profile quiz and they recommend wines based on your tastes, but you can always switch them out. A lot of the wines they carry are award winning and from boutique wineries, so they aren’t the kinds that are easily found in places like your local grocery store. I’ve discovered some new favorites (with really cool labels, too!) and I love that you’re able to get them at such a discounted price. Seriously obsessed and have deemed it the best subscription box ever (that you can cancel at any time, I should add).



  1. February 6, 2017 / 9:08 pm

    Looks like such a great weekend! Love all of your outfits and the food looks insanely delicious!

    The Sarcastic Blonde

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