We are home from the most amazing trip to Harbour Island and it just occurred to me that I haven’t even shared pictures from Watson’s first birthday party. So, let’s get to that before I overload you with fruity drinks, turquoise water, and pink sand beaches. We had the party the day before Easter, which was perfect because it was Peter Rabbit themed. I love love bunnies (had four as a little girl—Marshmallow, Flopsy, Hershey, and Cuddles) and wanted to take full advantage of being able to choose Watson’s birthday theme while I still can. I know I’ll be throwing Batman parties before long. Sigh.


It really was the best day. To be honest with you, I was pretty sad leading up to it. We had postponed the party once because my mom was in the hospital recovering from surgery way longer than expected and I, of course, just had to have her there. So I pushed it back two weeks, much to my mother’s dismay. (She has a very gentle spirit and just didn’t want to complicate things.) Then the week of the
party, she had some more issues in the hospital and ended up having to stay for quite a bit longer. So she wasn’t able to come to the party after all. Knowing this was going to be the case a few days before, I was tempted just to cancel the whole thing. She helped me pick out decorations and dream up the theme ideas and I just didn’t want to put it all together while she was alone in the hospital. And this was obviously my first time hosting my child’s birthday party and so I wanted the woman who put hundreds of hours of work into planning all of my little parties over the years to be there. And so she could see her only grandson eat cake for the first time. Ah, ANYWAY! I decided to put my pity party aside and we pushed on. And thanks to Facetime, she got to see a big part of it and we got to see her, too! But again, let me say… it really was the best day. Watson was as happy as a clam and I loved being able to have so many of our sweet friends and family by our side to celebrate our BIG one year old bunny. I mean, baby.

I bought two of these watering cans to hold flowers. But note, the cans must just be for looks because they leak water just a tiny bit! I had to put a solo cup of water in the bottom to keep the flowers wet.

Making “floral” arrangements using kale and cabbage leaves has to be the cutest and cheapest thing ever.

All of the food names had to do with Peter Rabbit storybook characters. I wrote them on these little chalkboard sticks from Hobby Lobby. Stuck the pointy end into a little ball-shaped piece of styrofoam (from any craft store) and reinforced it to the mini pots with hot glue. Covered the styrofoam with pieces of cabbage.

The cake and cupcakes were made by a local Charleston baker. She’s just starting up her business right now, but she was recommended to me and I’m so glad we used her because the cake and cupcakes may have been the best I have ever ever had. Her name is Bailey and she gave me permission to share her number for local orders: 479-502-1713. I ordered the cake topper from Etsy.

Please don’t be impressed by these cutie pinwheels. I bought them (and pretty much all the food, if I’m honest) from the pre-made section at Costco. I was up until 5am the two nights before the party whitewashing our hardwood floors with Brandon… Momma ain’t got time for cooking.

These plates. So adorable. Napkins, too.

These water bottle labels were the best thing!

More on this “one” banner later…

The ball pit was something fun for the little ones to do and its been a hit in our house, although I’m kind of ready to see it out of our living room. I bought the baby pool here and these plastic balls to fill it.

Filled these carrot goody bags with Chicago Mix popcorn. I made the labels on photoshop & printed them out on cardstock. Don’t judge the sloppy cutting. Brandon and I assembled these at 5:30am in bed the night before after finishing the floors! Or, morning of, I guess.

Those cute chicken wire frames were a Homegoods find.

My dress is by J. Crew and I should mention that it’s 40% off right now, so run and get it! It’s so comfortable and is one of the best white dresses I’ve ever owned because you don’t need a slip underneath. Comes in navy, too.

Below is my dad with my brother and his fiancée. Watson is in a strawberry coma.

Neighbors & friends!

The high chair was a $30 craigslist score. We painted it with Valspar Chalk Spray Paint and then finished it with another spray to seal it—this all-natural, non-toxic shellac by Zinsser. Spray paint is the way to go.

The high chair banner? I found so many cute ones on Etsy, but just didn’t want to blow $40 on one. So I bought this banner kit from Michaels, a hot glue gun, and various ribbons and fabric. I hand sewed the center pendant to the twine and sewed the “1,” which I cut out of fabric, to the burlap. The banner kit had enough twine in it to make two banners. Go up about 15 pictures and you’ll see what I’m talking about. For that one, I was too lazy to sew and just hot glued the letters to the burlap and glued the burlap to the twine. Worked just fine! So I would say that I spent $15 tops (including the price of the glue gun) on two really great banners that took about 30 minutes to put together. That’s less time than I spent browsing 200 pages of high chair banners on Etsy, you know.

Enter, a change of outfit for this babe. Luckily I had this Beaufort Bonnet Company Branham Bubble hanging in the closet ready to go.

Something I forgot to picture… we had a Peter Rabbit book out so that friends and family could flip to a page and sign a birthday message to Watson. A great keepsake! It was an amazing day celebrating our funny, sweet, determined baby boy. I can’t believe a full year has passed since we brought him home from the hospital and I was learning to be a momma for the very first time. And he keeps us learning. And humble. And so very proud. He has been our biggest blessing.


invitations (talked about here)

my dress (40% off) and shoes

watering cans

chalkboard sticks (assembly directions in text)

cake topper

plates & napkins

water bottle labels

carrot goody bags

banners: handmade (DIY details in text)

Watson’s seersucker bubble and white bubble

…I linked other things in the text. If you don’t see details there, just ask in a comment! 



  1. May 1, 2017 / 7:42 am

    What an absolutely precious first birthday party! In these days of Pinterest-crazy parties, it’s always so refreshing to see post-party pics that show how much thought and planning by mama went into making a baby’s day so special while keeping the party within reason – handmade banners and Costco catering is where it’s at! My girl (our first baby) turns four months old this Friday and I got completely choked up reading your last paragraph – time is a tricky thing.

    • holycitychic
      May 1, 2017 / 12:57 pm

      Thank you, Katie! And I totally get you about getting choked up over sentimental things. I feel like I cry at least three times a week over something I read or some sort of “mom-moment” I see in a movie!

  2. May 1, 2017 / 8:01 am

    Megan this has to be one of the cutest first birthday parties! All of y’alls hard work completely shows and the pictures are precious!

    • holycitychic
      May 1, 2017 / 12:59 pm

      Aw, thanks, Ashley!! And I think I may have to order your entire outfit you’re wearing on your blog today. So cute!

  3. May 1, 2017 / 8:21 am

    Such a well done party, and Watson looked just adorable in every picture. I really hope your mom is on the up and up as well!

    • holycitychic
      May 1, 2017 / 1:01 pm

      Thank you so much!

  4. Anne
    May 1, 2017 / 10:26 am

    So adorable, and you have such a beautiful family! We did a Peter Rabbit first birthday party too, I’m thinking my little one is right around the same age as yours, but your party blows mine out of the water! I wish I’d seen this before our party, I would have used a lot of your ideas 😉

    • holycitychic
      May 1, 2017 / 1:02 pm

      Thank you, Anne! I’m sure your party was just as adorable and sweet. Happy Birthday to your little one!

  5. Kristen Gallimore
    May 1, 2017 / 10:29 am

    Wow! This party was seriously one of the cutest 1st birthday parties I have ever seen! Girl, you and Brandon did deserve a vacation after all of the housework and party planning. I am with you, whatever makes life a little bit easier, store bought food or homemade who cares. I was starting to be like dang she made all this and those fancy pinwheels. I hope that your mom is doing better. Watson is seriously the most precious babe. My sister has four boys and they really are the sweetest! We are waiting for the day where we will get to have a baby! We lost ours at 11 weeks a few months ago and just keep praying and trusting for God’s perfect plan. Happy Monday!!

    • holycitychic
      May 1, 2017 / 1:03 pm

      Thank you, Kristen! That is so sweet of you.

      I am incredibly sorry to hear about the loss you’ve experienced. That’s right, keep trusting in God’s plan and timing. A lot of time it’s easier said than done. Praying for y’all, as well!

  6. Sarah
    May 1, 2017 / 10:33 am

    Adorable party! I’m pinning for future reference. Hope your mom is feeling better!

    • holycitychic
      May 1, 2017 / 1:04 pm

      Thank you, Sarah!

  7. Laura
    May 1, 2017 / 10:50 am

    Every little detail is just precious! This party looks straight out of pinterest–so perfect! It looks like you had more adults than kids, but was really cute that you still had all the kid-themed food! 🙂

    Who kept Watson for y’all while you were on your trip? That’s GREAT to get some alone time!! Makes you a better mama! 🙂

    • holycitychic
      May 1, 2017 / 1:06 pm

      Thank you! Definitely more adults than kids. We were some of the very first of our friends to get married and have babies, plus we lost out on some of the kiddo party guests when we rescheduled. Both of our families kept up with Watson while we were away. Grandparent time and alone parent time… win win!

  8. Ally Harding
    May 1, 2017 / 12:19 pm

    Such a precious party! Love the theme! Hope your mom is doing better. Seems like she’s been through a lot!

    • holycitychic
      May 1, 2017 / 1:07 pm

      Thanks, Ally! She definitely has, but we are optimistic she has been through all the complications she’s going to have and will finally be all better soon!

  9. Lindsay Cunningham
    May 1, 2017 / 3:53 pm

    The cutest. I’m in the planning stages for my daughter’s first birthday. How did you make the month pictures that you printed out and displayed on the chicken wire frame? Did you print them out on some special website? I love that idea, and I love that it has however many months old he is already printed on the photo.


    • holycitychic
      May 1, 2017 / 8:30 pm

      Hey Lindsay! I added the text onto each photo in Photoshop. I’m sure you can do it with any other photo editing software if you don’t have that one. Then I saved the photo in this new version and that is the file I sent to my photo printing center. I had them printed at Costco… I love how they do the white border around the photos! Gives them a vintage feel.

  10. Nicki
    May 1, 2017 / 9:46 pm

    Beautiful 1st birthday and what a cute theme! For the monthly pictures, which app or program did you use to get the white edges? Thanks!

      May 2, 2017 / 12:44 am

      Costco photo lab processes photos with the white border. It’s an option when you send photos to them online. 🙂

  11. May 2, 2017 / 8:13 am

    So adorable ! Happy Birthday Watson ! And also an absolute perfect theme ! Love love rabbits.

    • holycitychic
      May 2, 2017 / 10:59 pm

      Thank you!!

  12. Jen
    May 2, 2017 / 9:26 am

    I just have to say that this is one of the cutest little parties I’ve EVER seen! You nailed every detail! And your little boy is so precious. What a beautiful family. 🙂

    We’re in the process of planning our second daughter’s first birthday (for July) and now my wheels are spinning! So much fun. Thanks for sharing!

    • holycitychic
      May 2, 2017 / 10:59 pm

      Aw, thanks, Jen! He brings us a lot of joy! Have fun planning your daughter’s birthday… I had so much fun with it!

  13. May 2, 2017 / 10:23 am

    Love the theme and it looks like the best day!

    • holycitychic
      May 2, 2017 / 11:00 pm

      Thank you! 🙂

  14. Kristina
    May 2, 2017 / 10:04 pm

    Absolutely precious first birthday party! Everything was so tasteful! It should be featured in a magazine – your creativity with the arrangements, to the cabbage, the pictures with chicken wire (love Home Goods…they are opening my local TJMaxx as a combo TJ and Home Goods next week…could be dangerous on my wallet). Watson is so adorable, you make such as beautiful family. Hope your mom is feeling better! Been married for 5 years now, we said we wanted at least 5 years before having kids – all of your pictures of Watson are starting to give me baby fever! 🙂

    • holycitychic
      May 2, 2017 / 11:03 pm

      Thank you for the sweet comment!! Our Homegoods is combined with a Marshalls, then there’s a TJ Maxx next door. It is seriously dangerous! It will be so fun for you to shop at a brand new one! I feel like the new ones get sent better merchandise. 🙂 🙂 Thanks again!

  15. Katharine Steele
    May 3, 2017 / 9:09 am

    This party looks amazing! I have two kids and I’ve spent hours working on their parties so I know how much time and effort you put into this! I’m so stealing everything about this party if I have another baby! Adorable!

  16. May 9, 2017 / 1:00 pm

    Adorable! Happy Belated Birthday to Watson!!

  17. Betsy
    May 22, 2018 / 3:34 pm

    Hi Megan! Watson’s 1st bday party was too precious!!! Our baby boy, Connor is 10 months old and I’m beginning to plan his 1st bday party…cue the tears! It will be so much fun to celebrate his first year! Since I’m not the most creative, I may do a similar party;) Do you mind sharing where you found the: adorable little wooden wheel barrel? The little green bunnies? And the cute “Grab A Drink” & Happy Birthday Watson!” signs? Thank you so so much!!

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