“Old” because we don’t own it anymore and “old” because it was. It was built in 1942 and added on to twice. It was in the heart of townโ€”I mean, we couldn’t have asked for a better location because we could walk to so much. It was a fun project, but as all old homes are, it was a lot of work for us and just wasn’t going to be a good fit for when we add another little baby to the mix at the beginning of January. I’m always going to miss this sweet house. In many ways, I feel like we were just moving in! This house definitely has a piece of us in it, but it still has so much potential for new owners down the road to make their mark on it and make it their own.

I’m going to share this tour room by room, then I’ll link any posts I’ve done on the room in the past. If you have questions about where something is from, I can almost guarantee your answer will be in coordinating blog post that I link! Or feel free to ask in the comments… it’s just that looking in the posts might give you more of an instant answer. ๐Ÿ™‚



formal living room

This is the first room you walk into when you enter the house. See this post to see how we redid this room and the product details!



Dining room

My post for this room is here!




To see more pics of the terrible before and our renovation process, you’ve got to check out the very first part of this before/after here. Then I shared a part two post on the progress here. And then the final reveal!




“Play Room”

This was the other room of ours that had a very dramatic before/after. Check out the post on that hereย to get all the details on the products used and sources!



Our bedroom and bath

I never shared anything about this room because we had plans to renovate this space, but it just never happened. We were going to expand the room, add more windows, change the flooring, and totally renovate the bathroom and make it bigger. But we moved before that happened! So I’ll link what I can here…

The bed is Drexel Heritage Postobello. Our bedding is all mismatched from Bed Bath & Beyond, but the monogram applique pillow was purchased from this Etsy shop. Our rug is from Rugs USA and the lamps are from LampsPlusย (last shown here). Our nightstands are available here.

Bathroom before:

We were going to knock out some walls and really change this space up, but this is what we did in the meantime. This one just goes to show that you don’t need to spend a ton of money to brighten up a space. We just changed the outlet covers, painted the walls, changed the faucets, added a new mirror cabinet and light, and painted the bathroom vanity/added cheap little nobs!


Watson’s Room

Here’s my reveal of Watson’s room… and here’s how it changed seven months later.

Guest Room

Shared a post on this room here.


Guest Bathroom

This is another space that was going to get a major overhaul, but we ran out of time. The tiles were all BLUE. Like, everything was blue in here. Brandon used an epoxy paint kit from Lowe’s to paint everything in the mean time. And we changed out the fixtures. It was a great temporary fix!



Porch and Backyard




After:ย ย 


Product sources are shared in each post that I linked for the rooms above! If you’re wondering where something is from, it’s most likely listed in that post. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

Want to see our first house? That tour is here.



  1. Jenny
    August 8, 2017 / 4:39 pm

    Can you talk a little bit about the landscaping? Did you guys do it yourself, or hire a pro? What plants did you use for the front beds? Thanks!

    • holycitychic
      August 8, 2017 / 10:53 pm

      Brandon did it all himself! I am going to find out the details and will write back to share specifics.

      • Jenny
        August 9, 2017 / 7:44 pm

        Awesome, thanks! It looks great!

        • holycitychic
          August 14, 2017 / 12:47 pm

          Hi Jenny! Here are the plants Brandon used: Mediterranean fan palms, philodendron, podocarpus, macho ferns, and cast iron. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Virginia
    August 8, 2017 / 5:04 pm

    This post is giving me so much inspiration to tackle our 1940 cottage! Thank you!

    • holycitychic
      August 8, 2017 / 10:53 pm

      Oh good!! It will be so worth it!

  3. Shannon
    August 8, 2017 / 9:57 pm

    Would love to know more about your landscaping in the front and the epoxy paint kit for the guest bath!

    • holycitychic
      August 8, 2017 / 10:52 pm

      Brandon tackled both! I’ll have to get with him to get details. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Brittany
        August 10, 2017 / 9:50 am

        Yes, I would love details on both, especially the epoxy paint! How’d you like the epoxy paint? Our tile is tan so not blue but I’d love it to be white but don’t want to renovate for a few years if at all in case we sell (not in our “forever” house). Should I leave the neutral tan or is it worth it to paint white? We also have another bathroom with dingy white tile that could use a coat as well.

        I love everything y’all did. It looks so good!

        • holycitychic
          August 14, 2017 / 12:50 pm

          Hey Brittany! Here are the plants Brandon used: Mediterranean fan palms, philodendron, podocarpus, macho ferns, and cast iron. ๐Ÿ™‚ As for the epoxy paint, these are his exact words, “Worst experience of my life. Even with a professional respirator, the smell was terrible. Also took a lot of material (epoxy paint kit) for the small space. Didn’t think epoxy held up well on areas with contact (i.e. tub). Worth hiring a professional to recoat or just replace the tile.”

          Hope this is helpful! I went out of town when Brandon did the epoxy work (so that Watson wouldn’t be in the house) and I remember Brandon saying it was the WORST project he did on the entire house… the fumes were too much to handle. And I agree with him, it didn’t hold up well in the tub. ๐Ÿ™

  4. August 8, 2017 / 10:18 pm

    Is this home in downtown Charleston or JI/West Ashley?

    • holycitychic
      August 8, 2017 / 10:51 pm

      It’s about a half mile outside of downtown… west of the ashley. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Meg
    August 9, 2017 / 8:56 am

    Super cute house! Love the playroom & screened porch.
    Mature trees & _sidewalks_? Amazing.

    I dunno what inventory & prices is like but from my point of view in DC I’d want to pop the top and stay put. Place is adorbs.

  6. August 9, 2017 / 9:57 am

    Did you paint or replace the tile in the guest room bath? If you had it painted, did you use a special paint type which will adhere to the tile? Your “old” house is darling.

    • holycitychic
      August 14, 2017 / 12:51 pm

      Hi Katie,

      Yes we used an epoxy paint to cover up the blue tile. I went out of town when Brandon did this project (so that Watson wouldn’t be in the house b/c it’s very smelly) and I remember Brandon saying it was the WORST project he did on the entire house… the fumes were too much to handle. And it held up pretty terribly. Started chipping very quickly. It’s so worth it to just retile or hire a professional to recoat!

  7. Caroline Roberts
    August 9, 2017 / 3:46 pm

    Love every room! You guys did an amazing job!! Love your style! Question since I didn’t see the source on your post in the playroom – where did you get that Charleston Harbor Map? I’ve been looking for one as a gift for a client of mine.


    • holycitychic
      August 14, 2017 / 12:52 pm

      Hi Caroline! We got it from the Rhett Gallery in Beaufort. It shows the rivers in Beaufort, Hilton Head, and up to Charleston…

  8. August 10, 2017 / 9:42 am

    Interior design is definitely your calling! Your house was gorgeous!! I can’t wait to see what you do with your new space!

    • holycitychic
      August 14, 2017 / 12:52 pm

      Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Jami
    August 12, 2017 / 12:08 pm

    Love the wood shelf in your guest bathroom! Do you mind sharing where it’s from?

    • holycitychic
      August 14, 2017 / 12:52 pm

      It is from Lowe’s!

  10. Kristen
    August 14, 2017 / 1:57 pm

    Where is the kitchen pendant light from? It’s the perfect size!

    • holycitychic
      August 14, 2017 / 9:55 pm

      It is by Visual Comfort… I don’t have the exact link handy right now, but I shared the exact source in the kitchen reveal post, which I linked on here in the post! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. August 18, 2017 / 11:53 am

    I love Watson’s little wooden swing in the front yard! Where did you find it? I’m debating on a wooden one or one of those canvas bucket style.

  12. Kimberly Cox
    August 23, 2017 / 9:42 am

    Silly question, but I love all the plants and large greenery in vases. It adds a perfect pop of color. Is the greenery in the vases real? Our climate doesn’t have that type growing naturally, and I was hoping for a good place to get some fakes! Thanks!

  13. Christy
    August 25, 2017 / 4:48 pm

    I’m curious about the greenery in the vases as well? Love how simple it looks, but just a touch of green. I love it all. Makes me want to redo my whole house.

    • holycitychic
      August 30, 2017 / 8:39 pm

      I found them on a random craft store website. They are dried palm branches. I believe I googled “Faux Palm Brances” and found them for a few bucks each!

  14. Meg
    October 23, 2017 / 3:19 pm

    Do you happen to remember the paint color you used on the exterior (shutters)? Thanks!

    • holycitychic
      October 23, 2017 / 7:51 pm

      Gosh, I don’t. I remember it being a slightly smokey black. We went into Sherwin Williams and chose something at random! I don’t even think we ever even looked at the name. ๐Ÿ™

  15. Kate
    February 17, 2018 / 12:30 pm

    Love the little palms you have on your Nightstands, are those real or fake? If fake can you share where you got them?

  16. Lauren Tipton
    March 23, 2018 / 6:00 pm

    Love the transformation! What white paint did you use? Looking to whiten and brighten our bedroom. Love the styling!

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