this coverup is 50% off here! the hat is under $45 and these $35 sandals are the best ever. also, here’s the link to my scalloped bikini.

First and foremost, what a sad, reflective week it has been with the terrible devastation in Houston and other parts of Texas. My thoughts and prayers have certainly been with everyone affected in one way or the other. If you’re looking for great ways to help out, the NY Times shared a great article explaining different options for lending a hand.

Don’t these pajamas look like you’d want to wear them all day? I keep finding myself only wanting to sleep in PJ sets, so these are definitely going on my wish list. All Peruvian Pima Cotton and the color is perfect.

I can’t wait to share more glimpses of our new home. Trying to pull some final pieces together to finish off my initial vision in some of the rooms, then I will keep sharing. Like I mentioned in our guest room reveal though, decorating is such a game of trial and error for me. I swear I just walk around our house moving things like coffee table books, frames, and little trinkets around every day. Just tiny little changes that I’m not sure anyone would ever notice, but when I finally get it right, I know it. And sometimes it’s just the tiniest little change that got it there! (Until I change my mind a month later.)

I sort of went off on a tangent there. What I was aiming to say is that I’m currently working on a big gallery wall in our staircase full of these frames. The price is great and the quality is spot on.

Did you see that Beautycounter launched two new mascaras? Plus, if you spend $150+ on the site, you get a free face oil of your choice ($68 value, AKA botox in a bottle). I used this body scrub the other night and remembered why I buy it in bulk. It’s amazing.

Who else is getting into the fall spirit? I’ve already started pinning things on my “holidays” board. Then I remind myself that it’s only the first of September and I have to hold myself back a little. I really could go for a day of 65 degree weather and an ice cold pumpkin beer on the porch. Well at least the first part of that wish can actually happen. Brandon has been itching to go to the mountains, so we might have to take a trip soon.

Ok, really liking these productivity tips for work-at-home moms. The whole work-at-home deal combined with being a stay-at-home mom is way, way, way harder to manage than I ever expected. I’m so fortunate to work at home and wouldn’t change that for anything, but let’s just say that the balance I’ve been seeking is still yet to be found.

Take 30% off your purchase at J. Crew this weekend. Great time to stock up on fun new arrivals or the more expensive things, like this stadium coat. I have this and it’s my favorite coat ever ever ever. Oh look…. more pajamas I love.

Also, Splendid is doing 25% off sitewide. I always shop their “bestsellers” section.

Adding this recipe to things to make next time the weather is rainy. Or maybe even if it’s sunny. Considering I’ve eaten cereal for dinner three nights this week, the recipe post alone is kind of making my mouth water already.


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