This bag is still available here! And the shoes are too. 🙂

So what do we think of Arie being the new Bachelor? I mean, I liked him years ago, but I’ve long forgotten about him. Pretty devastated that I’m not going to be watching Peter every Monday night. Anyone know what went wrong there? Speaking of… still mad at Rachel for letting him go.

I love the blush color of this jacket. I have it in white and really love it.

How perfect are these PJ shorts?

Checked this book out at the library yesterday. I was looking for a quick read while we wait out Hurricane Irma. I love the library. Here’s a great reading list for fall.

I’m dying to switch up my workout apparel and zhush it up, but the timing is so off with this growing belly. I would so snatch up these leggings if not!

In case you were wondering all of those secrets that Costco has up its sleeves. That first one makes me so mad because it’s so true!!

Might just be a cutting board, but I really really really love it. I’m imaging so many cheese dishes served atop it and how beautiful it would be on display.

So many good things on this website at amazing prices. This adorable top and this dress are the highest on my list. $15 and $11??

Did you hear that Shopbop has a loyalty program now? Uh oh, game changer.

I finally got one of these pregnancy pillows and am wondering why on earth I never got one the first time around.

This is such a fun statement bracelet. Looks handmade and I love it!

Thinking and praying for everyone in Hurricane Irma’s path! I’m really scared about her myself. Please be safe!


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  1. emily clark
    September 13, 2017 / 1:00 pm

    The Arie backlash kind of cracks me up! I’m kind of glad they mixed it up and chose someone that wasn’t a reject from the previous season. I think younger fans forget that they used to choose unknown (GASP!) leads. How spoiled we’ve all become 🙂 I am caught up in all the talk about Arie being… not-so-husband material. I’ll be watching, because I CANT QUIT!

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