Friday! Woop woop! I’ve got a few minutes this morning and thought I’d use it to catch y’all up super quickly on some life lately happenings, then share some links for the week.

My brother got married two weeks ago! It was so fun having a house on the beach for the week and so much family with us. Hopefully there will be more pictures soon that I can share of their day, but this is what I have on my phone from our long weekend.

A few snaps from Mixson Club the other weekend during their opening reveal. We didn’t intent on letting Watson get wet (It got way hotter than it was when we left home that morning!), but he wanted to play in the sprinklers so badly, so we let him go for it with all his clothes on! The Club looks so good and makes me want to join really badly, but I guess we’ll resist since our neighborhood is getting a pool. It’s a fun and trendy place for the whole fam!

Did y’all see Watson’s Halloween costume on my instagram? I’m obsessed with how it turned out. I found the costume locally (available here online for cheap), and made the wagon. Got the hot glue gun burns on my hands to prove it… youch.

We had some friends over last weekend and hit up some mexican at my favorite, Zia Taqueria, the next day.

Brandon took this one because Watson and I were both wearing overalls. #minime

Morning walks to the dock. This is my favorite time of year for the marsh because the yellow shades start mixing in with the green. It’s so pretty.

A few packing essentials for our latest trip. The Drybar Wrap Party Styling Wand has a reverse-taper for really great waves. It’s awesome. Read on below to see how to get it 20% off.

Sephora is starting their 20% everything sale! You can shop it now if you’re a Rouge member—and I think all VIBs can start shopping it on the 7th. So, time to start loading your shopping carts! I’m still the biggest fan of using my Beautycounter products and a few from GloSkin for my face, but I’ve recently tried some by Sunday Riley and love everything I’ve been testing. Good time to try some products of your own since they are 20% off during this sale! Sunday Riley makes her products with no parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. I especially love this C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum. It’s sort of like a serum and moisturizer combined. So I put on a dark spot lightening serum first, then this product, then sunscreen. I’m also going to stock up on another one of these and some more of these because they totally live up to the hype. Oh, and some more Detox Dry Shampoo because I’ve never used something so good on my hair that keeps it fresh for days longer than anything else. Plus, a little goes a really long way, so one bottle lasts weeks longer than Batiste ever did for me. It’s worth the price.

I’m obsessed with this Thanksgiving table. And this simple place setting.

10 Ways to Plan a Successful Day.

I love browsing these new arrivals.

Looks like group workout classes are the way to go. Here’s why!

In case you missed it recently, I shared…


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