Over the past few years, one of my favorite “hobbies” is filling our home with artwork done by artists I love. We recently acquired three new pieces that I want to share! I personally love learning about new artists, so I thought you might like this too… although I have a sneaky suspicion you might already be acquainted with these three lovely ladies’ work.

First up is this inky nude by Haley Mathewes, who is based right here out of Charleston. This piece is so different than anything else in our home and I love that. Check out her website and instagram—and use code chic20 to save 20% off your purchase + free shipping. I also love these works she has framed in acrylic.

Next is this smaller piece by Rebecca Hoyle, another Charleston artist. She did our commissioned piece for Rosie’s nursery, which I’m in love with. Equally excited about this one, though. It brings a lot more excitement to this little area by our sink. You can find her on instagram here!

And I love this larger canvas painting by Marquin Campbell, who lives just a few hours away from me in the upstate of South Carolina. The colors in it fit in perfectly with our decor. I keep moving it all over the house because it works in so many places. Her work is truly captivating. Marquin is also on instagram.


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