Brandon and I have both been cleaning out our closets, which is refreshing, but also comes with the big task of restocking. Personally, I just got to a point where I didn’t like to see anything that was hanging in mine! Do y’all ever feel that way? Filling my closet back up has been a long process, which is why there hasn’t been too many outfit posts on my blog lately. (I try hard to not buy things just for the sake of buying them, but instead, I really try to invest in pieces that I truly love. And finding things I love just hasn’t happened all too easily.)

Stocking Brandon’s closet back up has been a little bit easier. Well, a lot easier. He finds one brand he loves and stays pretty religious to it. One of the things he needed was a few new good polos that felt nice and sleek, didn’t have too short or too long of sleeves, and didn’t look like straight up golf polos. After lots of searching, he discovered shirts by Peter Millar, like this one he has on below. They fit him exactly how he likes and lucky for him, they come in tons of colors. So he just ordered a bunch and was good to go in the polo department.



Something that has made replenishing both of our wardrobes easier is that we can order things for him and things for me at the same store, which for us has been Nordstrom. Actually, everything Brandon is wearing here is from there and ordered recently. We don’t have a retail store nearby, so I just go online and can order from every department—something for me, him, and for the kids… all in one fell swoop. I typically will just order a big box full of goodies and then can easily return what doesn’t work out. Things like this definitely make this busy mama’s life easier!

Because, didn’t you know? I actually have a third child and here he is below!



I swear I could just eat Watson’s little legs.



Brandon’s outfit:   Shirt (Update: Just randomly sold out! Here’s the same polo in other colors.)  |   Pants (shop all colors/fabrics of this pant here. It’s so well fitting!)  |   Shoes   |    Sunglasses

Watson’s Shoes


Thank you to Nordstrom for partnering on this post.

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  1. Brooke
    September 28, 2018 / 12:07 pm

    Thank you for this post! I am always on the hunt for clothes for my husband, and these are great picks for his style. On another note, I am the same way with my little boy who is also Watson’s age. He runs into preschool every day, and his little legs just kill me!

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