I recently asked you guys what you wanted to see on my blog. I don’t publish on here as often as I once did, largely because I want to post purposeful things that you guys really want to see. Well, and because…. lack of time… babies… you know, all that, too!

When I asked that question on instagram stories, one of the most common responses I received was that you wanted to know what our typical day looks like. We really thrive on routines, so this is something I can easily share! Below I’m sharing what our Monday-Friday days usually look like, from start to finish!



7:20am – 9:45am

The kids wake up like clockwork around 7:20am, so that’s our alarm! I snuggle in bed with the babies while Brandon makes Rosie’s morning bottle, feeds Winston, and makes their lunches. (He’s a huge help to me!!) Watson normally wants to watch a YouTube Kids video on one of our phones. (He doesn’t watch TV, not because we don’t let him, but he literally has zero interest in a television. So we let him watch Blippi or something somewhat educational on the phone.)

They will play in our room while Brandon and I get ready for the day. Rosie will usually crawl around my feet and play with my makeup, which sometimes ends poorly! “Ready” for me typically means throwing on workout clothes and a hat since I normally always take baths at night.

Brandon will get Watson dressed and I’ll get Rosie ready. We say bye to B and then I move the kids downstairs, get breakfast started for everybody, lay out some toys to keep Rosie occupied, and get their school bags all packed and my bag/laptop all packed up.

Most days, both of the kids go to Mommy’s Morning Out, so I will then take them there for a few hours. This opens up about 3 hours for me to get some things done.



9:45am – 12:45am

After drop off, I usually always go to the gym. It’s nice to get that over with and not worry about it for the rest of the day. I won’t stay for more than about 50 minutes. Then I run over to Starbucks and have a cup of coffee and some breakfast for myself. There, I’ll work on emails, post to IG, and maybe get a blog post started if there’s time. (I’m writing this post during this time!)

Sometimes, if I have a lot of work to do, I will totally skip the gym. I try to go 4x per week, so I can adjust my week as needed.


1pm – 6pm

Once home from “school,” Watson always wants a snack and then I get him down for a nap. He is an excellent napper and will stay asleep for three hours—I normally have to go wake him up or else he would keep sleeping the day away! Rosie has a bottle after Watson goes down for his nap, then she goes to sleep too, but for no more than two hours. (She sleeps on the way to school and the way home in the car as well!)

I usually sit at my computer while they are napping, so this will give me about two more hours of work time. If not that, then this is when I shoot content or do “try ons,” etc.



6pm – 7pm

When Brandon gets home from work, we always try to go outside and play as a family. That usually involves a walk, riding the golf cart to the dock, playing with toys, and/or fishing for Watson.

Sometimes I stay inside with Rosie if I’m cooking dinner. And sometimes, if I’m really on my game, I will have dinner ready when Brandon gets home and we will eat that around 6pm and then go play outside after that! This is always my GOAL.


7pm – 8pm:

We strive for the kids to be in the bathtub at some point between 7pm – 7:15pm every night. Brandon gives Watson a bath and I’ll do Rosie’s bath, but sometimes we put them in the same tub. (I’m sure this will start being the norm now that Rosie is big enough to not need an infant bathtub.)

After they are both in their jammies, we sit in Rosie’s room while I rock her with her last bottle. Watson normally squeezes in next to us in the chair. Brandon and I take turns reading different pages of a book to them. I love this part of the night!

Together, we say bedtime prayers, give Rosie all the kisses and hugs, and lay her down in bed. Then we move on to Watson’s room.

After kisses, noses, and bear hugs with Watson, it’s his turn to get in his crib. He is a little (read: LOT) more “routined.” He has his funny things he likes to do every night. Like, he wants to get in his crib “silly,” as he calls it. Brandon sits him up on an end of his crib and then rolls him over backwards into the crib. Then he wants to do a big jump down onto his pillow. So we count out from 1-10 super fast and then he jumps! According to him, sometimes the jump isn’t “big” enough and he has to do it again. (Honestly, I think the kid has major touches of OCD.) If that’s the case, we have to count to 10 again for him to do it over and we just hope it’s a big enough jump to where he’s satisfied. Then we have to give him “thumbs,” where we give each other thumbs up and touch thumbs. (I don’t know, it’s just something he started one day!) And then we blow kisses as we walk out of the room. Oh, and if ONE little thing is out of place in his room, forget it. You can’t leave a shirt or any extra thing sitting in his room or else he will cry until it’s fixed. I hope he stays this clean and tidy forever! haha.



8pm – until…..

We really try to have them in bed at 7:30pm, but usually it’s more like 8pm before it’s all over. Then, Brandon and I will start our chores. And if it’s one of those hectic days where I didn’t have a family dinner for all of us ready at 6pm, then this is usually the time I whip up something for us to eat. Not going to lie, sometimes it’s cereal, but you know… sometimes it’s steaks. It just varies.

We rarely ever sit on the couch together and watch a show because we are both so busy getting our work done. On Wednesdays, we carve out time where we relax and watch something together and put all work aside, but normally, this time of night is when work begins!

Brandon does so much around the house and I’m thankful because with both of us working and me also keeping up with the kids all day, there’s just no way I could tackle all of the house stuff by myself. We actually recently budgeted the funds for someone to come clean our house every other week because the only time we had to clean was at midnight and I realized we just cannot keep doing that to ourselves! Brandon does our laundry, pays our bills, helps clean the kitchen if I’ve cooked, waters the plants, and so on—and this is the time when that is done. (Thank you, B!)

I am usually on the computer at this time finishing up things for the day. Just because I don’t put up blog posts every day, I’m always always working in some way. There’s a lot of backend work, like invoicing, sourcing products for future features, editing photos, creating drafts for submittals, scheduling content, processing returns and purchase orders, posting to social platforms, responding to tons of DMs, etc.

I used to let my work RULE MY LIFE and I’d easily stay up doing this until 1am or later (you know, the days I used to post on my blog almost every day!), but now I cut myself off around 10pm—sometimes even earlier than that. There are plenty of occasions that I just can’t do this, but I really really try to. At this time, I’ll sneak off and take a hot bath and watch insta-stories or a show on my iPad. I’ll put on a face mask and often a hair mask, too. I’ve realized that this “me time” is extremely important to my well-being. So even if it takes a lot of time that I don’t necessarily want to give up, it helps me relax more than anything else and really ends my day well.



So there you have it! Our “normal” routine. Of course, some days are totally different. Sometimes I take the kids to run more errands after “school.” Sometimes Brandon and I will go on a date mid-week, so that evening looks a little different, too. Sometimes we stay outside playing until 8pm and we literally dunk them in the tub in a frenzy to get the dirt off of their faces. But this is our “most of the time” routine and I hope you guys enjoyed this peak into our days!



My outfit:     dress (Definitely order one size up. I’m wearing a medium. Comes in lots of colors and under $90!)    |      heels (these are the BEST heels ever. so comfy, durable, and under $30!)

Brandon’s outfit:  peter millar sports coat     |     dress pants     |     shirt (more from this brand)     |     shoes

Watson’s outfit (on sale—by The Oaks Apparel!!)

Rosie’s dress is Petit Ami.


photography by Good Graces Photo

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  1. Lindsey
    October 22, 2018 / 1:23 pm

    Wow! Thanks so much for sharing this! I have two kiddos the same age as y’all and gosh, you make it look so graceful compared to us! Haha! Most days I feel like a chicken running around with my head cut off haha! Well my daughter is only 4 months old so maybe a bit different from you guys but you have inspired me to get more on top of our routine and also build in more me time (bc right now I have ZERO, literally!) I definitely feel like I’m not totally on top of my life with new little ones so it’s REALLY helpful to see how other people manage! Watson also sounds so easy! My two year old is like living with Tarzan, so that also seems to throw off our routines, like bedtime gets stretched out a LOT 😩🤷🏼‍♀️ But thank you again! This totally inspires me to get into a better routine! I feel like it’s so important!! Love your blog soooo much! It’s 100% sure my favorite!!!

    • holycitychic
      October 22, 2018 / 4:14 pm

      Aww thank you! That’s so sweet. It definitely isn’t graceful, I promise you that! I feel like I’m always telling Watson, “Come on, buddy. Right now!!!” He is definitely in that defiant stage. But when we all know what is coming next in our routine, it definitely makes us all operate more efficiently. Like for naptime, Watson never wants to take a nap, but he knows that’s just what we do every day, so he has no problem giving in to it. I know it’s hard to stick to routines though!! With your little one, I promise it gets easier and easier as time passes. We didn’t have a solid routine with Rosie until about 5-6 months. You’ll get there! And DEF build in some time for YOU. So important. <3

  2. Molly
    October 22, 2018 / 3:55 pm

    Love this! What do you guys like to do from that 4-6pm hour after naps? That window for us (waiting for daddy to get home) is often brutal.

    • holycitychic
      October 22, 2018 / 4:11 pm

      Oh I know, those are my least favorite hours of the day! Watson normally naps from 1:30-4:30, then wants a snack when he wakes up. So he just chills out on the couch and normally watches YouTube or something for a few minutes while he’s eating. Then we will either play a game, he and Rosie will play with toys in the playroom, we will go in the yard and pull out toys, or Watson will help me clean up if I need to vacuum, empty the dishwasher, clean the counters, etc. He likes to try and push the vacuum and stack up his bowls or forks. Sometimes I pull out play-doh or have him help me cook. I am always counting the MINUTES until Brandon walks in the door! I don’t know why those hours of the day are so funky… seems to be that way for everyone I’ve talked to!

    • Lindsey
      October 22, 2018 / 4:21 pm

      Yes!!! I seriously dread that period of the day after nap before daddy gets home! It’s so hard and I’m always trying to plan activities for that time too! Least favorite part of the day, especially when daddy gets home late from work, usually around 7:30 which feels like FOREVER!! And I’m usually so sleepy during that time too!

  3. October 23, 2018 / 6:56 am

    I love these types of posts – always so interesting to see what everyone else gets up to to!! I love that you have a good routine and that your kiddos nap at the same time – that is like golden time for a mama. You’re an amazing mama, sweet friend -and so awesome to have a hands on husband too x

  4. October 23, 2018 / 9:34 am

    It’s always fun to read this type of post, especially as a fellow work-at-home mama! I have one planned in the next week or two, also. One thing I appreciate is that your kids wake you up — it often seems like every other mom wakes up at the crack of dawn, but I love that you’re able to carve out time elsewhere in your day (and evening)! Try as I might, I can’t wake up that much earlier than my two kiddos. 😉 Have a happy week!

  5. Sarah Cummings
    November 1, 2018 / 9:22 pm

    Great! I love the way your family bonds. You surely have a happy family. Thanks for sharing! 😄

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