It was a huge treat to pop over to the 2018 Southern Style Now Showhouse on Friday. The house is a Charleston single home, built in 1844 and located in the center of historic downtown on Hasell Street… which happens to be the street of the church where Brandon and I were married!

15 top-tier southern designers were asked to each decorate a room in the house by Robert Leleux, the founder of Southern Style Now and by Jill Waage, Editor-in-Chief of Traditional HomeAnd let me tell you, they each made their own spectacular statement. I guess not having a client to decorate for literally gave each designer a blank slate—and they did not hold back! 


By the way, the Showhouse is home to King St. gallery owners Michael Mitchell and Tyler Hill of Mitchell Hill. Their gallery is a must-see the next time you’re on King! 

The pictures will do the talking, but y’all, this home is beyond stunning. My jaw was literally on the floor the whole time. I love the over the top designs in contrast to the original details of the home, like the heartpine floors, crown molding, mantles and medallions. That’s what I love about historic Charleston design… Some homes have such bold, maximal style that you can easily forget that these homes were built in the 1800s (or earlier!), but then you see those original details that have been preserved so beautifully and it’s like you’ve stepped back into history—all at the same time!

These are straight from my iPhone, by the way. So, not an edit in sight. I figured the gorgeous designs will distract you from the crooked photos.


The kitchen was absolutely AMAZING. I hope to go back and get some actual photos of it—it was unable to be viewed totally when I was in there before “business” hours. But just look at this incredible ceiling. Tyler Hill (one of the designers) told me that “The Woman” is the focal point of the room. There is a photograph in the kitchen done by a former fashion model, Aldara Ortega. She shoots beautiful shots of women dressed in gowns while under water. Hill said that using one of Ortega’s photos as a focal point really celebrated women having a voice and working towards breaking the glass ceiling.

…and now this glass ceiling in the kitchen is even more spectacular!



Unfortunately, I missed half of the upstairs because there was filming and photography going on in the house (this was before it was open to the public), so you’ll just have to take a trip to Charleston and catch it yourself! If you’re interested in learning more or buying tickets to see the house, you can check out the  Southern Style Now website here.


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