That very first Christmas is so special. To me, it’s the perfect chance to buy a few sweet things that your baby will have for years to come. You don’t want to overdo it (I hear you on this!) because the baby doesn’t even know what’s going on, but you also most likely want to take part in the magic of seeing your baby have a few things from Santa on Christmas morning. Of course, I feel these gifts would be completely appropriate for whichever holiday you might celebrate!



1. I love Templeton Silver for baby gifts. They have silver spoons, rattles, pacifier clips, and even more, like this sweet baby cup. There may not be much practical use for a silver baby cup, but what a special keepsake that will be passed down again and again! Watson has two baby cups—one that was mine and one that was Brandon’s—both now have Watson’s name and birthdate engraved on them, too. We are getting Rosie’s name put on my mom’s baby cup and she also has one like this from Templeton Silver! Use code HOLYCITYCHIC to save 25% off your order.

2. We adore these sterling silver pacifier clips. They clip into a bracelet for the mama to wear after the baby outgrows the pacifier stage. Also, sterling doesn’t carry the bacteria that traditional clips do. Plus, they are just so pretty! Rosie and Watson both have these with their initials on them. That personalized option is my favorite, but there are tons of options. Use code HOLYCITYCHIC to save 25% off your order.

3. Pixie Lily Receiving Blankets are the most beautiful blankets in the whole world. The borders are hand crocheted here in Charleston and the fabric is the softest pima cotton. I have a code where you can save 10% off at Ellifox on these blankets (or anything!)… it’s HOLYCITY.

4. You can’t go wrong with a music set.

5. I’m such a fan of Cuddle + Kind dolls. I’m sure you’ve seen me mention them time and time again because we have three that the kids love. They are a little pricey, but so well made—you’ll quickly understand why they aren’t the price of something you’ll find at Target. Also, each doll that is sold provides 10 meals to children in need. It’s a wonderful company and mission.

6. We love these personalized name puzzles from Duck Duck Goose. Fun and cute!

7. A piggy bank on skates! 

8. Tricia Lowenfield’s work has only shown up in 80% of my gift guides this year—ha! Wouldn’t one of her heirloom plates be a sweet gift for baby’s first Christmas? She even has divided plates and little bowls, which she also paints with her whimsical style.

9. A Rosalina baby doll is a must! My mom bought Rosie one when she was a brand new baby…and we all think it’s the sweetest thing. 

10. A Radio Flyer Walker Wagon is a classic gift that your child will love for years! Watson loves anything that has any sort of basket on the front so he can load it with all of his “stuff.” And Rosie is all about pushing things now!

11. This Y-Bike is so versatile! It can be a walker or a bike… a great gift that will grow with your child. I also love that it’s not chunky, so you can keep it inside and it won’t take up too much space.

12. How cute is this Santa’s Workshop?

13. I’m such a fan of Eden Flora’s sweet watercolor paintings. Having a special outfit painted for your baby, which can then be framed and hung in his/her room, would be a perfect gift! Not just for little girls… Watson has one, too! 

14. This shop has the SWEETEST baby bangles! They even have a mommy + me set, which I adore.

15. This shape sorter is the best. It has been a huge hit with both of our littles, even before they were actually able to sort the shapes. They are fun to hold and not too small to choke on! 



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