Hello, my friends! We’ve had so many exciting things going on, so it’s due time for a little update post.


Rosie turns one in less than a month. How did this happen? I swear Watson’s first year went so slowly, but Rosie’s has just flown by in literally a blink of an eye. She’s such an immense joy to me… every time I think about her being here with Watson, Brandon, and me, I just get tears in my eyes!

That said, party planning has been in full force. I’ll share details soon.


Oh and did I mention, there’s a new baby coming soon to our family!? I’m going to be an aunt for the first time! My brother and his wife are due with their first child in June. We find out the gender this weekend and I’m just so thrilled. How cute is their announcement? I thought surely this was photoshopped, but they actually got their dog to pose like this!


I’ve been plugging away behind the scenes on some projects. Working with HomeGoods last month was so fun for me! I swear I’m there 2x every week anyway. Here’s the link to this dress… and check the website for other maxis. I’ve found quite a few great ones lately!


I’ve recently taken up baking. I’m kind of awful at it, but a friend showed me how to bake from scratch (groundbreaking, right? haha!) and I’ve tried a few things, like cookies and veggie muffins for the kids. This “Christmas Crack” recipe is incredibly simple, but looks amazing! So, trying this next.


Have you followed our Christmas Tree fiasco on stories? It has dried out totally and won’t drink water. I don’t know what happened, but we even cut the base again and it still won’t drink it. Should have figured this tree was bad luck because it has fallen over and had to be attached to our walls with fishing line! It just wasn’t meant to be. Ordered this one instead and honestly just so pumped about it. I hope it looks life-like!


We had Rosie’s DuBose photos done. Crying again!


Always redecorating the bar. Loving my new piece by Rebecca Hoyle.


If you’re in Mount Pleasant, stop in at Monkee’s! The store is gorgeous. I’m ashamed it took me so long to stop by!


Here are some of the pieces I tried on. I went home with the pink Crosby pants and black top! You can shop the Monkee’s of Mount Pleasant website here.This dress by MDS Stripes is just too good.



Stopped in for a brunch preview at LAKE Pajamas on King Street. The store is certainly easy on the eyes. And I’ve said it a hundred times, their pajamas are my very favorite and worth every penny.


Santa came early to us. We can’t wait for warm sunny days to go exploring on the water! We had a boat before the kids were born, then sold it after Watson turned one (We sold it to a celebrity which is pretty cool!). It wasn’t really a family boat at all… more for fishing. Can’t wait for summer!


On that note, we took our home off the market! I can’t remember if I’ve addressed that on here or not. We love our house and have decided to do some more projects to make it feel our own. We have a dock across the street, so it will be great to have that now that we have a boat again because we can tie it up every weekend in the summer. We are super happy about our decision to stick around our home for a while longer! (You know I love to move though, so we’ll see how long this lasts!)




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  1. Michelle
    December 20, 2018 / 11:12 am

    Hi! You have a beautiful home! I have been looking for some baskets with handles to put my fiddle leaf fig in…where did you get yours? Thanks!

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