When I asked what gift guides y’all would like to see, a bunch of you asked to see my own personal wish list. Truthfully, I really hadn’t even thought about it… at all! I definitely don’t need anything and Brandon and I just bought a boat, so that for sure is our gift to each other this year. But since I knew a bunch of you wanted to see, I’ve been working on a “dreamy” wish list, including everything I’ve had my mind on lately without holding back! My mom keeps asking me for some idea too, so here we go!


1. I’m pretty sure Dixie Design has shown up in multiple gift guides of mine now. It’s just so special! I love this notepad because I’m always jotting down lists and why not do it on a pretty pad?

2. I recently discovered that I’m in love with Bay Laurel Trees! (AKA: Sweet Bay Trees, AKA: Bay Leaf Trees) Would love one by either side of our front door, or maybe our porch door (the french door you see from our living room).

3. I said I didn’t need anything, but I actually do think I need this coffee table book by Amanda Lindroth! I’ve admired her design for years.

4. I keep a little cosmetic bag in my purse all the time—and I pull it out way more than anything else! Always needing a hair tie or chapstick… and this Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Bag would make the whole deal look extra fancy.

5. Isn’t this tray the best? It was done by Pottery Barn in collaboration with Sarah Bartholomew, who I just adore. I also spotted it in the Southern Style Now Showhouse, which just totally sealed the deal.

6. These bugs are the BEST. I love love this long Goldbug Collection necklace!!

7. Because my boat tote collection isn’t big enough. But really, I actually don’t have an L.L. Bean tote with my initials on it… and I love their XL bags with regular handles! I’d probably keep this in my car to contain all the toys and “stuff.”

8. My obsession with LAKE runs deep. I’m so happy we have a store in Charleston now!!

9. Cuyana really takes the cake when it comes to personalized leather goods. Everything is just so high quality and special. I’m obsessed with this vanity case. I have a different cosmetic bag set and after 4 years, it’s just not finally starting to look a little “loved.” If you get one of these for someone or add it to your list, don’t forget to add the gold initials!

10. I have a couple of these silk scarves from Tuckernuck, but think this one is my favorite color YET!

11. I can think of so many places I’d like to put this large blue & white planter. It’s so beautiful!

12. These Dana Seng personlized gold necklaces have been high on my wish list for a long time. Would be one of those never-take-it-off pieces!

13. I can’t believe I never bought this Essential Oils Pocket Reference Guide. It’s the absolute best there is (so I hear) and I need it for my collection so that I can better understand which oils to use when… and why!

14. I’ve loved this bag for so long. I don’t know what it is… the orange leather… the bamboo handles… but it has been on my list forever!

15. This bee necklace has been saved to my Etsy Favorites for a while now. I think it’s just so sweet, but also makes a statement.

16. Birdies sell out so fast, but I’d love to one day have my hands on a pair! Or, I guess I should say… my feet in a pair. : )


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  1. Jada McDaniel
    December 23, 2018 / 10:40 am

    Your posts are great! Please provide your list of valentine’s day gifts for men, teachers, and children ages 12, 13, 7
    I love red gifts at Valentine’s Day. Like red gloves, red candles, red bath sponges.

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