All of these are on Amazon Prime, so go ahead and order and you’ll have it in time!


1  – This is a personal alarm you can put on a keychain. By pushing the button if needed, it sends out a 140dp alarm that will attract the attention of others.

2A bubble gun is so fun for the kiddos! This is the #1 thing on Watson’s Christmas list.

3For guys that love outdoor “survival” type of things, this is a 2-in-1 Fire Starter and Magnesium Fuel Bar, Flint and Steel Kit. It’s just $5!  

4  – Oh how I love Epsom salt… my baths are not complete without it. I hope you’ve got a decent sized stocking for this one! 

5 – These change the color of bath water! So fun for the kiddos.  

6  – This is a heat-trapping neck warmer. Everyone in a cold climate needs this!  Comes in various colors.   

7 Cute little bath toy.   

8 –  These are THE BEST! They exfoliate link nobody’s business and you can get a pack of 12 pair for under $15.

9  Love this 1-Minute Gratitude Journal.

10 A two pack of these remote control cars… they end up being under $12 each! 

11   A sewing kit is awesome to have on hand, but easily forgotten. I think this is a great stocking stuffer—especially at under $7.

12 – This devotional is a best seller and is truly moving, but an easy daily read. 

13 An instant cooling towel under $6. Great for any outdoorsy person.

14 Crayola brush markers… I want these!

15 These would be a hit with any young child. You get a pack of 5, making them just a few bucks each.

16 – How cute are these little puppets? We got a pack of these for Rosie, which are jungle characters and too cute, as well!

17 This fishing bath toy is fun fun! Watson has one and loves it. 

18We are obsessed with these silicone straws in our house. Great size to throw in a stocking!


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  1. Erika W.
    January 3, 2019 / 4:04 pm

    Those cooling towels are great for sports in this crazy humidity! My son wears one!

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