I’m excited to bring y’all another Amazon haul! I never thought I’d be able to shop for clothing on Amazon, but the hunt is fun for me and it doesn’t hurt that the prices are so good. I’ve also gotten truly amazing feedback from y’all on these, so I’ll keep it up! I took the photos for this haul in the dark, so the lighting is terrible… sorry!

Also, as a way to say thank you for supporting my blog, I’d love to give away a $100 Amazon gift card to one of you. Just leave a comment on this blog post and include a way I can get in touch with you (Either your Instagram handle or your email address). I’ll choose the winner one week from today and the giveaway will remain open until then!

First up is this off white sweater. The sleeves are what got me! It’s so soft and well made. It feels like a $200 sweater. I’m wearing a small. It also comes in grey, rust, and black. (I’m totally going back for the black.) I’m wearing it with these leggings, my all time favorite Lululemon Align dupes. (My boots are Saks Off Fifth Black Label and are old!)


This is an amazing jacket! I can’t believe it’s only a fraction of what the Lululemon one costs… because I like this one better. SIZE UP. I’m wearing a large in “Grey Melange.”


This oversized tunic sweater is honestly amazing. I’ve worn it twice since last week! It’s a “one size” sweater. It comes in a lot of colors…. I also bought it in white.


Here’s the white one! Cannot believe this incredible sweater is under $30.


If you’re looking for a couple versatile t-shirts, here’s a pack of two for under $15.  You can choose from a few different color options. I’m wearing a medium in them. I LOVE how the sleeves are a little longer! It’s different.

The leggings I’m wearing with these t-shirts are these. They are the full length style. These are the ones I RAVED about in my last haul and I cannot even tell you how many of you have reached out to me saying you like them better than the Align Leggings. It doesn’t hurt that they are under $30, but they truly feel amazing. I wear a size small. They are also available the 7/8 length version here and here (with pockets! I have these). These are the BEST LEGGINGS ever!


If you want the super soft leggings that have more “give” to them… get these or these!! Just like the Lululemon Align Leggings. If you want these in the 7/8 length, buy these or these! They are incredible, especially for $23!

If you want ones that have a tiny bit more structure to them, but are still so soft, buy these!

Just to note: all of these leggings are by the same brand, so you can’t go wrong! Shop the brand here. (They have about three styles of leggings.)


Holy cow, this denim jacket is AWESOME. And it’s under $30! I’m wearing a small in the “weathered” color.


Here’s the tunic sweater I have underneath it. I’ve featured it before in this haul, but I thought it was worth showing again! It’s just about $20 and comes in various colors. Wearing it with these leggings.


I’m on the fence about this oversized tunic, but it’s definitely a fun, cozy piece to add to your wardrobe!


Since I posted about those amazing pull on jeans in the last haul, I thought I’d try another pair of Levi jeans. These 720 High Rise Super Skinny Jeans are also great! I’m wearing a 27 in “indigo daze,” but you’ll see there are tons of washes. These are high waisted and comfortable. I would recommend these even if they weren’t ridiculously inexpensive for a nice pair of jeans… under $50! I’m wearing them with this top, which is $15 and such a versatile piece. You can wear it with casual jeans or dressed up with a skirt or slacks. I’m wearing a size 6, but probably should have chosen a 4. Be sure to check out all the colors it comes in!


This jacket is just like the one I shared up above, but a lighter color. This one is called “White Space Dye.” Wearing a large.


Funny story about this sweater, but this is actually a long tunic! You could wear it like a dress. I just unknowingly had it rolled up underneath and had forgotten it was supposed to be long. Watch my IG stories (or look for Amazon Haul 2/3 in IG story highlights) to see how it looks as a full length tunic dress! It comes in 5 colors. I’m wearing a medium!


This buttery soft t-shirt is amazing! You could wear it for a workout or with a full outfit. I’m wearing a medium.


This sweater isn’t like your other black sweaters… it’s a mock neck style and has 3/4 length sleeves. Love it! Wearing a small. (And please try to ignore my dirty mirror. It gets dusty so fast!)

If you have little ones and need good snow bibs, check out these! They are top sellers on Amazon and so very well priced. They come in lots of colors. I also picked up the navy blue for Watson for our TN trip, but it was 75 degrees there, so these bibs will be going back…haha!


Some of our FAVORITE baby/children sandals are on Amazon—the Sea Wees Salt Water Sandals! They run a little big. There are so many color options. I picked up the gold and red ones for Rosie. Watson also wears these in tan! (in the Surfer style)



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