It has been a hot minute since I’ve roundup up the week for you. These used to be my favorite style of posts, so I’m going to try to bring it back!


I’ve been going crazy searching all of my favorite sites for new spring arrivals. I’ve added my favorites to this link.  If I could splurge on one thing at the moment, it would for sure be this coat. But I linked tons of other budget finds, like these beaded earrings that you better believe are in my cart right now. And did you know these heels are the most comfortable things ever?


Here are some cute Valentine’s breakfast ideas. How do y’all celebrate V-Day? Brandon and I went on our first date on Valentine’s Day 15 years ago when I really wasn’t old enough to officially “date!” I was 14. My parents agreed to let us go to a restaurant just down the street from us, along with two of our friends. We really don’t celebrate it much now aside from a card for the most part, but I love making it special for the kids!! If you missed my post on Valentine’s Day with children, catch that here.


Super tempted to pick up these cosmetic bags. We are going on a trip in a few weeks and they would be perfect, but then again I never need an excuse for a new toiletry bag. They are my weakness!


Such amazing tips for organizing in a stylish way.


I ordered a few new beauty products I’m excited to try. I’ve heard nothing but glowing reviews about this blue tansy mask. Apparently blue tansy is a miracle worker for the skin and has loads of benefits. I also grabbed this serum because it apparently shrinks your pores down and makes your skin glow. Oh and then I went back and ordered these best selling illuminating drops, which you just add to your moisturizer and it works like a self tanner for your face. Sign me up for anything that makes me look like I am sunkissed by the sun! Both of these are “clean” beauty picks, BTW!


Since we’re talking all things beauty, I just added this self tanner to my amazon cart. Will report back! The amazing reviews just sucked me in.


Baublebar is having 20% off this weekend with code PILE20. I shared some favorites here!







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  1. Sarah Howell
    February 11, 2019 / 2:16 pm

    Hello! I was wondering if you’ve found any Men’s knockoff brands for Lululemon clothing on Amazon or elsewhere? I’ve purchased some of the women’s knockoff brands you’ve shared. Thanks! 🙂

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