Easter is for sure my number one holiday of the year. Ok, maybe Christmas—it’s hard to compete with that, but Easter is a close second. The meaning behind the holiday is of course most important to me—and it translates so well into this time of year. Springtime is a rebirth of warmth, blooming, and revitalization. I feel it in everything I do, from spring cleaning to preparing my soul during the Lenten season. It’s just all around such a lovely time of year.

Aaaaand boy do I love a bunny and helping the Easter bunny put together Easter baskets!! That has been so exciting to me since having children.



Today I’m sharing some ideas if you’ve still yet to help the Easter bunny put together your own baskets.



Before I get started with my suggestions, I want to say that I don’t know if our baskets are more or less than what you think is appropriate, but it feels good to me. With that said, I know my kids would be just as happy with a few eggs filled with candy inside them, so don’t feel like you have to provide a basket full of things. Every family has different Easter traditions and in some families, baskets may not even be something that is provided. And that is one thousand percent okay, too!



I do have a bit of a formula that I follow for baskets. I like to include…



  • Next I like to throw in something creative. Most everything below was found at the dollar store, Target, or TJ Maxx! I linked some fun ideas in my “Easter” section in my Amazon Store if you want to have something shipped quickly! The placemat is by Tricia Lowenfield and I think it’s great to use to protect your table top during these craft projects! It’s too late to order from her now, I’d imagine, but keep her in mind for other gifts and seasons. Everything she creates is so special.







  • Lastly, a few fillers and candy! I found bunny ears like this at Target in the dollar section. And everybody needs a chocolate bunny, right?



I snuck in a pair of Weezie Towels monogrammed washcloths in both of their baskets! I am incredibly obsessed with this brand. Oh and I put one of these sensory toys in Rosie’s. We have a keychain version of this and Rosie loves it. I also just saw that they have a version for babies 1 to 2 years old.



Their baskets are from Ballard Designs, but I don’t see that they are available this year sadly! Pottery Barn Kids has very similar options.


If you’d like even more Easter basket filler ideas, you can check out my Amazon Storefront because I have an Easter section!



  1. Kelsey
    April 14, 2019 / 8:04 pm

    We got one from Ballard this year! They were back ordered for a little bit this year.

  2. Kaylin
    February 22, 2020 / 11:52 am

    About to order these baskets! Did you get your daughter’s monogrammed in blush or light pink? Thanks!

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