I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz lately about eBay’s new Luxury Authenticate program, so I checked it out and headed straight for the handbags section. I’m definitely a handbag girl at heart—more than shoes… more than clothes… handbags have just always been the pieces where I love to invest.


To be totally honest, I’ve never bought anything from a resale website, but I really trusted this program after hearing some of my favorite bloggers talk about their amazing experiences with it. The rundown is… eBay Authenticate uses third party experts who verify an item’s authenticity before it ever gets listed. You can use this platform to shop luxury pieces, like jewelry, watches, and handbags, with confidence.  So you don’t have to worry about buying something and later finding out it’s not real or has more issues than described in the listing.



I’ve always wanted a Chanel bag, but never knew what style or which color. And honestly, the investment behind it was always something that would bring me to a stop when I’d get to thinking about buying one. But when I found this bag on the luxury authenticate listings, I fell in love INSTANTLY. The price was so so much better than buying retail and the listing said it was totally free of blemishes. I thought about it for about two weeks and when I saw that it was still available, I just decided to go for it. There were free returns, so I knew I was protected if I changed my mind.



Spoiler alert: I didn’t change my mind after receiving it. I’m so thrilled with everything about this bag. I think it’s going to be so versatile for me because the color could go with most anything and it could easily be dressed up or down. I also love the top handle because I love carrying bags that way for a more formal event. Another reason I love that I bought it through resale is because this bag isn’t available in retail stores anymore and I’ve actually never seen one like it! So I feel like you can find really unique pieces—even vintage.

A couple tips… if you’re looking for something in particular, type that into the main eBay search bar. Then “filter” the results. Look on the left hand column and make sure to select “Authenticity Verified.” I also selected “US Only” so that I didn’t have to worry about being charged any customs fees from an overseas order. From there you can sort the results by “newly listed first,” “ending soonest,” etc. These are some of the things I did when browsing for my new bag. Honestly, searching all the new pieces that are constantly hitting the website was a ton of fun for me!


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Here are some more favorites I found during my hunt! Also… dream watch.



Photography by Julie Livingston.

Thank you to eBay Authenticate Luxury for partnering on this post.


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  1. May 13, 2019 / 4:55 pm

    Beautiful Bag !!! I’m checking out the website now !!

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