When I say “he,” I really mean Brandon. I know he would love these 15 things, but maybe the man in your life will too.


1. Here’s a polo shirt with thousands of great reviews, is available in literally tons of different colors, and is only $15.

2. I think Brandon may have this hat, actually. Orvis is a great outdoorsy brand we love.

3. How cute is this mug? There’s a mama bear and baby bear one, too.

4. I know someone who would love these flip flops. Brandon is obsessed with this brand.

5. Obsessed with this brand, this color, and this sale price. Love this jacket.

6. Here’s a great outdoorsy watch that could be dressed up or down. I love the green band. Citizen makes such a nice watch.

7. Apparently you can wad these shirts up into a ball and they won’t wrinkle. Also, they are moisture wicking. It’s also very snazzy looking.

8. Brandon has these glasses and loves them. These are the polarized ones.

9. I honestly might steal this leg and foot massager for myself. It uses reflexology and heat and is really well reviewed.

10. This book follows America’s greatest landscape architect through the pre-civil war era in the south. Brandon is reading this now. Plus, it looks nice sitting on his nightstand.

11. Brandon’s favorite brand. This is a great looking shirt!

12. A framed photo is the perfect gift. Hands down.

13. These echo spots look so cool. I love how you can make it look like a classic clock if you want to keep it simple. Also comes in white.

14. This first aid kit is something he might not buy for himself, but something he will be so glad to have if needed. It can hook onto a bike, a kayak, a boat, or even a backpack.

15. Men love coolers. You can never go wrong with a new one!


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  1. Ariel
    June 14, 2019 / 1:06 pm

    I ordered the polo from Amazon for my dad for Father’s Day. I didn’t tell him what a great deal it was – ha! But he said it was super comfortable and fit great. Thanks for the recommendation!

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