1 – I’m really obsessed with my new Nespresso machine. This one is the Lattissima One. It’s also available here. People talk about it being a pain to clean the milk frother, but it’s totally a nonissue for me. I feel like it’s super simple?

2 – A super cute headband that only costs a dollar!!

3 – Quite a few of you spotted this rattan serving tray in my bathroom. I’ve been using it to hold beauty products, but you could also use it as an actual serving tray, on a coffee table, and tons of other uses.

4 – These pearl clips are adorable and the price can’t be beat if you want to give this trend a try.

5 – This rattan handwoven tray set is the best! I love the various sizes. Have you noticed that I believe one can never have enough rattan trays? I’ve actually since put the largest size in this set in my bathroom, as it’s a better fit for my counter than the one I mentioned in #3.

6 – I heard about this book through Garden and Gun and cannot wait to dive in.

7 – This facial spray is highly reviewed, so I’m going to give it a try when it arrives. My skin craves a refreshing mist to add moisture and soothing properties to my face. The price is great on this one, too!

8 – I’ve used this Hot off the Press spray for years and years. It’s a thermal protectant spray and hair spray in one. Genius.

9 – This clock lets your child know when it’s okay to wake up. Watson started waking up at 5:45am (rather than his usual 7:30am), but he really had no clue of any sense of time. This clock helps him to understand when it’s okay to wake up because it lights up green and the screen gets a smiling face on it. It also has a nap setting, which is great! So when he has quite time, I can set the timer for an hour and then he knows when it’s over.

10 – Ordered this to flavor my nespresso in the mornings. It has very simple ingredients and I love the taste. It’s just a sample pack to sort of see what you like.

11 – These Nespresso pods are my favorite so far.

12 – I bought two sets of these glasses in the 11oz size. Perfect for water. You can see mine here.

13 – This hat has thousands of great reviews. I need this to keep the sun off my face and I love that it has a chin strap for when we are on the boat.

14 – I will go on record and say that these $28 jeans are the BEST JEANS EVER. Don’t be afraid that they are “jeggings.” They feel like legit jeans, but the waistband is high, comfortable, and helps your jeans to stay up all day. They don’t ride down like other jeans do on me. Highly recommend. (ps. I ordered the “short” in these to give more of an ankle crop look.)

15 – How fun does this giant raft look? We still have it in the box, but can’t wait to try it out the next time we go on the boat.

16 – Somehow this beach mat repels sand, so I’m excited to give it a try for the beach!


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