I love the three gold bangles I wear daily. So much that I actually rarely take them off. Since I’m asked about them almost daily, I thought they deserved a post that permanently lives here on my blog for better reference.


Before I go any further, let me quickly share my rings I’m always wearing on my right hand. They are all three by Jane Pope Jewelry. The two simple ones are Jane’s “Name Rings.” They are hand engraved—one with Watson and one with Rosie. I’ll cherish these forever. The one with diamonds is the five point diamond ring. It’s a great stacker that can be paired along with any other ring. But what I really have my eye on is the six point diamond ring. Serious heart eyes for it.



Now back to the bracelets. It started with just one bangle that Brandon had made for me Christmas of 2017. I only intended to wear just one and keep it simple, but the collection has grown since then and I really love how the three feel and look together.


The thicker one on the far right is by Christina Jervey. I’ve always loved her jewelry. She makes it by hand here in Charleston. She can make items custom for you or you can shop her website. This is the bangle Brandon had made for me that Christmas. I believe mine is about 5mm in width, but there is a thinner one available in her shop here.

The one on the far left is something we picked up on Harbour Island during our last trip there this spring. There’s a little shop called Shine that is full of handmade pieces that are so beautiful. Stephanie’s gold wire jellyfish are really something to see.

Lastly, my middle bangle is the Decade bangle by Yearly Company. It’s my most recent acquisition and completes the trio just perfectly. I love that you can request a sizing kit, which comes with a bunch of wire bangles so you can determine your specific size. Then Ann, the owner + jeweler, keeps your size on file so that your special someone can easily get a custom bangle made for you in the right size every time. No guesswork involved.

There’s also a really sweet story about how Yearly Co. came to be. You should totally go read that here.


ps. My dress is by Wiggy Kit. It’s from a previous season, but there’s a pink one available here. It’s duty free to the US with free shipping and free returns. I’m wearing an xs.


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