I try not to make a big fuss over the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale because I know you guys hear it left and right and get sick of it before the sale is over. But the reality is that it’s such a good time to load up on brand new items for fall. That’s what makes this sale different—it’s brand new items that were literally just added to Nordstrom’s fall inventory… and then they get marked down a great deal right at the very start! After the sale is over, the items in the sale go back to regular price.

Every year, I try to keep my picks very curated. Here are things that I’ve bookmarked for myself that I am considering buying. A lot of this is in my cart! I’m going to narrow it down and then I’ll share what I picked out once it arrives.


When can you shop the sale? If you are a cardholder and are either icon or ambassador status, you can shop today! If you’re not, you can shop tomorrow!

The sale opens to non-cardholders on July 19th at 12:30 EST. The sale ends for everyone on August 4th! At that time, prices go back to regular price.

Here are my top picks for women! There are two slideshows below.

I’ll be sharing my top picks from other categories within the coming days. 




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