I was browsing around on Nordstrom’s site the other day and couldn’t help but notice all of the really pretty gold bracelets. I chose my top 10—actually, let’s make that 11! They all happen to be around $50. Some are more like $30 and some are closer to $60, but all equally as pretty! Especially as we start thinking about fall, there’s nothing I love more than gold accessories. Even better when it’s in the way of a chunky bracelet or a few thin ones stacked together. Who’s with me?

1 .      2.     3.      4.      5.      6.     7.      8.      9.      10.      11.


I actually have two of these bracelets with a W and an R—I showed them to you in this post. I love them! They are so dainty and even after a year and a half of regular wear, they’ve held up so nicely in color and overall quality. Also, this whole line is really pretty and is priced super well. I threw in a couple other favorite bracelets in the slideshow below!



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