I have a fun announcement! My capsule collection of woven bags with Poppy & Sage has officially launched! I’ve worked with their team and local Bali artisans to create three special bags—the Rosie bag, the Lyla bag (shown here!), and the Grace tote. I’ll be sharing all three within a few blog posts in the coming week or so. This is the Lyla bag, named after my 3 month old baby niece.


You may recall seeing woven bags by Poppy & Sage on my blog before, like with this outfit, this outfit, here, here, and here—just to name a few. 🙂



I love this line for so many reasons—the bags are handmade by women in Bali, so these local ladies are able to help support their families through their independent income. Also, they don’t use a single artificial material or chemical in the construction—it’s all natural Bali rattan and ata leaf. Finally, the company is owned by a genuinely awesome couple I know from SC, who moved to Bali to create Poppy & Sage. They also use sustainable and fair-trade practices, whereas many lower cost woven bag companies do not.  Obviously not nearly everything in my closet follows these same guidelines, being a shopper at small boutiques, target, amazon—you name it, so it’s an amazing perk when I come across a company who is diligent in these practices.



Outfit Details:

Persifor Dress (Wearing a small, but wishing it was a M!)

Poppy & Sage Lyla Bag

Sandals (on major sale!)




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