Never did I ever think I would have major lust over a backgammon board, but a Nine Fair custom made board is officially on my wish list big time. They are made right here in the US and have been buzzed about in Town & Country, Vogue, Architectural Digest, Traditional Home, and Veranda.



I just came across a diamond jewelry brand called Noémie. Maybe you’ve all heard about it and I’m just behind, but they sort of take out the middleman and are able to provide really great pricing on their jewelry by selling direct-to-consumer. Of course, nothing compares to going into a jewelry store, consulting first hand with a gemologist, and picking out a special piece that you’ll treasure forever, as I think that’s an experience all in itself whether it’s you doing it or a loved one on your behalf. But, if ease of free shipping + free returns appeals to you, as well as prices about 60% less than what you’ll find in a high end jewelry store, then you might want to check them out! All pieces come with a certificate from the International Gemological Institute as well. On each product page, you can see the appraised value vs. their price. I picked out my favorites below.

A handful of favorites by Amanda Lindroth.


I just ordered the largest size in this framed print and this lamp for my office. Cannot wait to finally get the space all set up!


This is a really pretty and classic train case. Great price, too!


I’ve worn this dress about 10 times in two weeks. Not kidding.


I have a major love of Dixie Design and own quite a few of their stationery pieces. They create a wide range of traditionally beautiful items, like calling cards, special occasion cards (like these adorable Valentines!),  personalized stationery, and everything in between. I feel especially drawn to Gina Langford’s work, although Dixie houses designs by so many talented artists that I adore.

By the way, how many personalized notepads are too many? Asking for a friend.


A flower vase of all vases! So beautiful. I absolutely love this entire line.


Green, Red, or Blue? 




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