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At the top of my wish list? I’m really not sure, to be honest. I’ve been wanting a new bag like #10 for so long now. A large one with short handles to tote all of the things that I carry around every day. We have a lot of boat totes, but I always find a new need for one and I actually don’t have one with my own initials on it—just our last name. Also, the whole website is 25% off through Tuesday, which if I remember correctly, is better than Black Friday was last year. The laptop sleeve (#1) is so chic—and I love that you can get it personalized with your initials. Speaking of personalization, how pretty are the white and gold hand painted initials that can go on the suitcase shown in #6? I think I would want mine without the extra battery pack, but who has one of these and is that something I need? I smelled the safe fragrance in #7 while at The Water Room recently and loved it. So great that a small bottle is offered so you don’t have to make a great investment in it. I’ve always eyed the Chanel caviar leather square mini flap bags (#3) and would love to have one in a creamy white or beige with soft gold hardware. I don’t know if they make them currently, but then again I know each store has different things in stock and Julia Rose Boston on IG always seems to get rare things. Love the lilac water bottle in #15 and the other wellness things like the yoga mat and sneakers. I think I might add a few passes to Holy Cow Yoga on my wishlist, which is what the yoga mat is for. #12 is great because they make it in a large 46″ x 46″ size and I’ve been wanting something like this for my office. It’s on a huge sale right now from $280 down to $150. And has there ever been a more chic cosmetic bag than the Nice BB—#9? I love the chargers in #5… I’m a bit obsessed with place settings and other table wares. Which is why I have my favorite salad plates (#4) on the list…I only own two. I love the mugs too! And I’m so crazy over the chargers in #11, but I just can’t decide whether I like the white or green geranium leaves more. Lastly, how great is this chunky horn bangle in #13 and the incredible emerald ring by Jane Pope Jewelry (#2)? I love her pieces.



  1. Leigh Wallace Dodd
    November 18, 2019 / 10:28 am

    I don’t recommend the battery pack – it takes up a good bit of space (even in the bigger size). More importantly, flights are very inconsistent with which plane can have the battery in the cabin/down below…so sometimes you end up having to eject the battery pre-flight. With that being said, the Away Luggage itself is wonderful!!

  2. Kaitlin
    December 16, 2019 / 4:05 pm

    Hi!!! Does away offer that monogram or do you have someone do it for you? Thanks!

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