I often get asked if I can share my Spotify playlists on my blog. I think you guys hear my music in the background when I’m cooking dinner on insta-stories or when I’m just around the house filming. I honestly had no idea you could share an entire playlist like this, so I’m sorry it has taken so long! All you have to do is click on a song in each playlist below, then in a second you’ll see a prompt that says “Play on Spotify.” This will populate the whole playlist in your own Spotify account. I hope you enjoy…


Playlist #1: Jazzy

I’ve been listening to this one a ton lately. When I cook dinner, in the car—honestly just all the time. It puts me in a happy mood! This one has a lot of Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Michael Bublé, etc.



Playlist #2: Boat Jams

This one has a lot of country, which is something I only listen to when I’m on a boat. There’s also some reggae sprinkled in, a little rap, and other random songs!



Playlist #3: Easy Going Tunes

This is sort of my “office playlist,” if you will. All the songs are happy, but very soothing to me. Think Leon Bridges, Van Morrison, Jason Isbell, etc. It’s a good one. Promise!



Playlist #4: Island Time

Lots of fun reggae songs that immediately put me in the island mood. This is always our playlist when we go on vacation!


Playlist #5: Bluegrass-ish

This one is typically reserved for fall nights and long road trips this time of year.



Playlist #6: Workout

Really, the name should be “Rap & Hip Hop,” but the only time I really ever listen to it is when I’m exercising. Lots of catchy songs on this one! And lots of them take me back to college days…



Playlist #7: Cooking Dinner

It’s all in the title! This is my feel good mix that is also upbeat and fun to sing along with in the kitchen.



Playlist #8: Jazzy Christmas

This is my current favorite as we are easing into the holiday season. It’s full of jazzy versions of all the Christmas classics. It’s a great combination of my first playlist I shared and the one below this one! I’ll be listening to this all season long.



Playlist #9: Christmas

The classics!



Playlist #10: W & R

This one is all about Watson and Rosie. Watson asks me in the car, “Mama, can I listen to my favorite songs?” And I know that he wants this playlist on. 



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  1. Lisa Marie
    November 7, 2019 / 3:53 am

    Thank you!!! I downloaded these and I’m enjoying your great taste in music!

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