This built in china cabinet stopped me in my tracks. I love love black a piece of black furniture amidst a house of neutrals. I’ve pinned this and saved it to my instagram collection as well. (Bravo, Chelsea Horsley Design!)


Loving this dress. I think you could wear it year round when styled the right way. Sandals in warmer months, boots and tights in the winter.


I came across this blog article that is sharing wonderful ways to help a family during a tragedy. It’s a great reminder and really, a lesson, since I know that many people (myself included) don’t really know how to help when someone is going through a very tough time.

From the same blog, I found this quote. Which is yet another great reminder for us mamas of little ones.


I’ve been pinning a lot of quotes lately, actually. This is another good one.


French Grandmother’s Lemon Yogurt Cake. And it honestly doesn’t seem that difficult at all! (Coming from someone who desperately avoids the kitchen.)


This bag is so chic.


+ how great are these earrings




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