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1 – Isn’t this the sweetest wallpaper for a little girl? I love the touch of whimsy.

2 – Lately become a big fan of burl wood after years of not thinking it was my taste. This frame is a great way to incorporate it!

3 – If you look close, this mirror is actually finished in white. It’s beautiful!

4 – All about hot pink and this sweater is less than $20!

5 – I think I would wear this bag all the time! It’s on my spring wishlist. Yes, I know it’s only the beginning of January.

6 – The most beautiful glass candlesticks! Available in three sizes and currently on clearance.

7 – I ordered this leopard sarong last night. It’s under $10!

8 – A beautiful and fun sweater.

9 – In love with these gorgeous block heels!! They come in black as well and are under $100!

10 – Obsessed with these earrings. Definitely going to order them!

11 – How fun are these hot pink flats? The best thing is they are under $25.

12 – Beautiful and classic. I’m obsessed!

13 – I love the icy blue color of this Chloe bag. It’s gorgeous and perfect for any season.

14 – If you’ve been around here for a while, then you know I’m quite a fan of LAKE pajamas. It’s basically all I sleep in anymore. This is a new style that I can’t wait to try.

15 – How great is this jumpsuit? Ordering immediately! It’s also available here.

16 – The jumpsuit above would be perfect with these sandals. 

17 – Here’s another candlestick trio that I really think is beautiful. I can’t decide if I like these or #6 more.

18 – I found these painted panels on Etsy and cannot stop looking at them. Each one is a work of art. I’d love to get a tall one and frame it for our dining room.



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