Valentine’s Day isn’t something Brandon and I really celebrate, even though our first date was on Valentine’s Day. (In 2004!) Thinking back, I really was probably too young to go on a date, which is probably why it took weeks of persuading my parents. We also had to agree to stay within a 5 mile radius of my house and the dinner location had to be pre approved by my parents long in advance. At first, the rules were that it had to be a 2 mile radius, but our options in that case were either KFC or Burger King, so my Dad agreed to up the allowed distance to a 5 mile radius in order to add some more dinner options into the mix. Oh, and one more thing—another couple had to go with us. But after all that… we were allowed to go on our very first date and we were two very excited kids.

In recent years, we really stopped celebrating Valentine’s Day for the most part. We do sweet things for one another but never give a gift since we are just coming off of Christmas. But now that we have children, I love to celebrate Valentine’s Day!! That’s pretty much how all holidays are. When kids are involved—even if they are nieces, nephews, or your friend’s children—it’s fun to share in their innocent joy.

Speaking of, here are a few things I picked up for Watson and Rosie to have as Valentine’s Day surprises. I’ll also pick up some chocolate candy and let’s be real, that’s what they will really care about!



Honestly I may have also picked up this toy for Watson and this for Rosie as well, but here’s the gist of it! 

For Watson:





Here’s another great learning book for toddlers. Watson is getting this too, but just not for Valentine’s Day. This one is a little more advanced that the other one I previously mentioned. 



And here’s the link to this heart banner! It’s only $7 and there’s no DIY required like some of them out there. I have it photographed above, but can’t wait to hang it!


And look at these cute Valentine’s jammies! This set comes with a matching doll outfit.


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