Hydrangeas are easily the flower that I purchase most often for our home. They are easy to find everywhere and always look good without any expert arranging. Plus, they last a long time! A pretty foolproof flower and they make a big statement in the softest of ways.

But when they start wilting, don’t throw them out! I can easily make mine last two, sometimes three weeks with the help of one simple trick. I know we’ve all heard various hacks here and there, but today I’m sharing the one that has worked for me over and over again. However, just be sure that you do this as the flowers begin to wilt. It won’t work after they’ve dried out and turned a little brown.



BEFORE: As you can see, the hydrangea below is starting to wilt. If I left it like this for another 2-3 days, it would probably be wilted beyond repair because it will have dried out. But after doing a little hack on it, the hydrangea will last usually around another week!



AFTER: Follow these easy steps below, and your hydrangeas will bounce back and you’ll see that they have another life to them!



1. Bring water to a boil.

2. Trim the stems at an angle. Make sure to do this just before step #3.

3. Pour boiling (yes boiling) water into the vase and place the freshly trimmed stems into the water. Disclaimer: If you have a prized vase, maybe use a different container for this step. I’d hate for the glass to crack due to extreme heat! That said, I’ve never ever had an issue with that happening.



4. Wait 1-3 hours! 

5. Voila! 




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