I thought this would be a fitting outfit to share this week since International Women’s Day was on Sunday… and did you know the color signifying that day is purple? I have so many women in my life that deserve all the celebration. Of course, my baby Rosie, whom I’m raising to be a young woman, to start. But also, my mom and late grandmothers, my closest friends, all the women in my family, the ladies that stand by my side in the creative Charleston community, and the band of women I’m inspired by daily on instagram—both friends from afar and ladies I simply admire that don’t even have a clue who I am.

I’m always drawn to female-run companies and seek a lot of motivation through learning about these women’s stories and how they got their businesses off the ground. I listen to various podcasts each week to soak in these types of interviews. Some of my favorite podcasts are “Second Life” by Hillary Kerr, “Living Fully” by Mallory Ervin, and “Bad on Paper” by Grace Atwood and Becca Freeman—just to name a few. (This may deserve its own blog post if you want me to really go into my podcast favorites!) It was actually on that last podcast, though, that I heard about Sarah Flint, a luxury shoe designer who uses the finest materials and craftsmanship to create shoes that not only look beautiful, but also fit and feel amazing. 

What makes Sarah Flint extra special is that they are a direct-to-consumer brand, so the shoes aren’t marked up the way a traditional retail model does. For that reason, Sarah Flint’s shoes are half the price of similar high end shoes in department stores. And her shoes really are very comfortable and easy to walk in. Like, honestly. I swear… walking in heels has gotten so much more difficult as I’ve gotten older. I noticed this after I was pregnant with Watson. I went well over 9 months not wearing heels and after that, it’s like my balance was thrown off! So now I’m extremely particular about what heels I wear. Usually, they have to be either a 3.5″ block heel (or shorter) or basically a unicorn stiletto that is easy to walk in and comfortable. It’s rare that I find one that fits this mold, but Sarah Flint’s Perfect Pump totally does. I’m wearing the “85” style, which has a 3.3in stiletto heel. I’m telling you, it’s perfect. Which I guess is how it got its name! The Perfect Pump also comes in various heights and various colors, but the 85 is totally where it’s at for me.

There are tons of beautiful Sarah Flint styles—flats, pumps, sandals, and accessories. Their team is offering a code that is especially for my readers. You can enjoy $50 off any purchase with code SFMEGAN.

The next on my list to try is one of the sandals!








Thank you to Sarah Flint for partnering on this post. I’m very particular about the brands I work with, and as always, all opinions and product selections are my own.


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