Oh how I love spring clothing for children! All the pastel colors and lighter fabrics. It’s the best. Watson and Rosie wear their spring pieces almost all year round, with the addition of warmer layers like pants, tights, knee socks, and of course sweaters. I’ve spent the last month or so marking some favorites that I’ve come across online, so I wanted to share them with you since I’m often asked to share my top picks for children’s clothing. 

photo from fall 2018 thanks to Good Graces Photography


I do have many favorite small shops too, where I’m often shopping for my kids. They aren’t associated with rewardstyle, which is how I was able to build these shoppable widgets below. One is Ellifox, located here in Charleston. The owner, Lauren, really does the best job curating the sweetest selections, from clothing to toys and even some gear for mamas. You can shop the store online, but if you’re ever in Charleston, definitely stop in! I always find a huge amount of things I want when I step in their door. I recently picked up a handful of things for Watson and Rosie, like this white polo (monogrammed for watson), this white dress (monogrammed), this striped polo (size up a full size!) this sweetest comfy dress, this polo, and this dress for Rosie. These are actually all repeat purchases for us, just in bigger sizes! A few other small shops that don’t have integration with the widgets below, but I definitely want to share, are Daniel and Sofia, an Australian boutique that carries the most beautiful pieces. Also, Grace and James Kids, which has a huge variety of adorable clothing and accessories at wonderful price points. I have so many other favorites, I wish I could list them all. But this gives you a good starting off point!


photo from fall 2018 thanks to Good Graces Photography


I’ve separated my spring favorites for children into categories: girls, boys, shoes, and then toys & accessories. You may see them all broken up into groups below! I tried to include things for all ages, not just toddlers like my two, but also babies and older children.













Linking my tops favorites below!


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