It has been a week of quarantine, so let’s talk happy hour. Even if it is 9am that I’m writing this.

Margaritas are my favorite cocktail. In fact, it’s one of the only drinks you’ll ever see me have when out and about aside from a glass of wine or maybe a cold beer on a hot summer day while on the boat with friends. 

But on the occasion that I want a cocktail at home while we’re making dinner or entertaining friends, this margarita recipe that I’m sharing today is always my go-to. The ingredients aren’t always exactly like this because I tailor it based on what we have. So in light of quarantine, don’t go running to the store to pick up these exact things! You can make it work with ingredients you probably have on hand. For example, maybe you have a sparkling water, but it’s a different flavor than what I use. (Doesn’t much matter!) Or maybe you don’t have oranges, but you have grapefruit. Maybe you don’t have margarita mix, but you have a lime and some orange juice. Get creative, but here’s a good base to follow!

Also, my recipe is probably going to annoy 85% of you because I don’t use exact measurements! But for the sake of this being called a “recipe,” I’m going to try.





ICE, a small handful

In a cocktail shaker or directly in your glass, start with a handful of ice.


SPARKLING WATER, about 6-8oz (this and the ice is going to fill about 65% of your cup)

I use either Bubly Grapefruit or Trader Joes Sparking Water with a splash of Blood Orange Juice (the best). But you can use any kind you’d like.


TEQUILA, one shot (or you be the judge)

We always use Casamigos Blanco. To me, it’s much better than the others.


MARGARITA MIX, a splash or two

I really like the Tres Agaves Organic mix, which I think you can find at most grocery stores. It’s simple and a great flavor. If you don’t have mix, then use a big splash of orange juice and some lime juice!


ORANGE OR LIME, a good squeeze and to throw in as garnish

Or lime, or grapefruit, or pineapple…. basically, any fruit you wish! I just like orange and plus, we have a good bit left over from our orange tree harvest and so I’m getting creative with ways to use them. However, if I’m using a splash of orange juice in my margarita, then I like the fruit I squeeze in to be lime. But since I don’t have orange juice in this recipe and rather used a very lime-heavy margarita mix, I’m using an orange this time.


This post is not sponsored by Casamigos, however, I would really like it to be. Just sayin’.


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