I’ve lately become obsessed with adding to my fine china collection. Well, I’m just looking at pictures right now and who knows, I might not even make any adjustments to the setting we already have. This might seem like an odd thing to think about since people aren’t entertaining guests right now, myself included—of course, but I think it’s on my mind because I’ve never been inside at home more than I am right now! I know china is not a popular thing to register for when you get married, but I always encourage everyone to do it. Our finer tabletop items are my most cherished gifts, not in a materialistic way, but because they symbolize so much to me—a mix of past and present. I was 23 when I picked out our setting, but knew it would be pieces we would eat off of with our grandchildren one day. And instead of keeping it locked away, I really do try to use our china as much as possible. 

If I were starting to register as a bride today, I would certainly add Anna Weatherley to the list. Before you have sticker shock, it’s pricey. Hand-painted in Hungary with 24K gold kind of pricey. (However, here is a nice dupe for under $20!) I’m pretty smitten with her Spring in Budapest pattern. The little bread and butter plate is my favorite, with it’s sweet little shape. It’s the perfect accent. 


The Butterfly Meadow pattern is still very high up there in cost, but substantially less than the dinner plate above. It doesn’t have the unique shape like Spring in Budapest


I’ve also been studying more Herend designs. We have the Princess Victoria pattern from our wedding and I’ve mixed it with pieces from a vintage Oscar de la Renta china set that my mom and I found for a steal at an auction back when Brandon and I were engaged. I also really love the Fish Scale patterns and Fortuna Blue, shown below. Herend is also hand painted in Hungary.



And for a much more happier-on-the-wallet set… I think these Medard de Noblat Corail Or Plates are so lovely.


I also linked some much less expensive alternatives in this spring decor post!



J. Crew is having a humongous sale. Everything is 40% – 80% off and the new arrivals are really pretty. This look is completely from J. Crew and is linked here!



With all of this time at home, I’m loving extra opportunities like this. However, all the treats and food we are cooking is not good for my waistline! Also, here is some good, fact-checked news on the Covid-19 front. Think we could all use any good news there is.



LL Bean has brought back the white on white boat tote. Just thought any of my boat tote loving people might like to know.


Living in this dress lately. You can layer a slip under it (here’s the one I have) to wear as a dress, or wear it over a bathing suit as a coverup.


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