Going to shoot it to you straight, we have our fair share of toys in this house. I hide them in bins and baskets everywhere you turn. But here’s the thing. We cycle through them pretty quickly, as I’m sure most of you mamas can agree. It makes me cringe, but two hours of fun—maybe a couple of weeks at best—and then that toy typically starts to collect dust. I’ve always said I need to get a group of friends together who also have children around the same age, then we could trade one big bin of toys at a time from family to family. That way your kids are always getting something “new” and it’s an easy way to recycle toys that your children have aged out of. We typically just donate what we aren’t using anymore.

However! There’s one brand of toys that my kids never tire of. An exception to the rule. That’s Melissa & Doug.



I’m sure every parent that is reading this is familiar with the brand and has at least one thing from the line, from puppets to play kitchen tools, wooden cars, puzzles, cleaning supplies, and so much more. These toys have grown with my children, from the time they were tiny babies until now, with no end in sight. I love that they are made with such nice materials, making them very high quality and timeless. My favorite place to shop this brand is at the Nordstrom Kids Shop because they really curate a great selection. The line is actually so huge and I never know which toys are “best,” but I feel like Nordstrom really knows what they are doing when choosing which pieces to carry. It’s a trusted go-to when I want to surprise the kids with a new toy. Especially since I’m always on the site shopping new clothing anyway.



Watson loves these wooden emergency vehicles. You can see how much he has played with them because they are very well loved to say the least. There’s actually a fourth one too and you can get the whole set for under $20. He’s had these since he was one year old and loves to bang them together at full blast. As you can see. 🙂



The puppet sets are also so good. Rosie got hers when she was a tiny baby. It would make her laugh so hard when we would have the puppets tickle her belly and make funny noises—and she loves them just as much now that she almost 2.5 and can wear them on her own hands. She’s growling like a tiger in the picture below!



The blender set has been a huge hit in our house, too.



I’ll link everything I shared below, as well as some other cute kids toys from Nordstrom. We just got notice yesterday that school is out for the rest of the year, which I ultimately suspected, so I definitely will be ordering a few new things to keep Watson and Rosie’s imaginations growing while we’re home. And to help me have a moment of peace!



ps. Rosie’s Boden dress is 25% off!




Watson’s shirt (here it is for older boys and here it is in a different pattern!) + similar shorts          |          Rosie’s dress (25% off!)





Thank you to Nordstrom for partnering on this post. All product selections, topics, and opinions are my own.


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