(my favorite sailboat at the marina!) So, this week has been pretty darn good. We got to hang out on an obnoxious yacht with some great friends and witness that incredible sunset.  (Might I add that the photo above was taken…


Wedding Wednesday

So… you know that we chose our date, the church, and our reception venue. I’ve shared our photographer with you (and later, our engagement photos!). I talked about finding my perfect dress and then, of course, changing my mind 100% and…


tell it to me {tuesday}

As a huge fan of the Bachelor and the Bachelorette… and Emily Maynard for that matter, I’m surprised that I’ve yet to blog about Emily and Jef’s breakup.  What do you think about the split?  Do you think Emily really paid…


weekend recap

I feel like this week has been so long already… how can it already be Monday?  I really don’t have much for you today other than a quick weekend recap.   Pink sky on friday evening… no filter!  The sky was…


GIVEAWAY! {Graphic Image}

Brought to you by the same folks who gave away the GiGi New York All-in-One bag, I’m so excited to announce another amazing giveaway that is sure to get your organizational juices flowing! Graphic Image is ever so kind to give…


MUST HAVES {Makeup Brushes}

A lot of you asked me for makeup brush recommendations after I posted the steps I take to wash mine. Sigma Brushes are, hands down, the best bang for your buck.  They are basically dupes of MAC brushes, but for half the…


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