5 things I’m loving right now

something I’m always listening to: I’ve recently become a huge fan of podcasts. I’m a huge multi-tasker and literally get so much joy when I’m able to knock out multiple things in a short period of time. So here’s what sells…


a dress for every occasion

There are a lot of things that brighten my day…     Golden retriever puppies. A big plate of nachos. A spotless home. A full eight hours of sleep…     …and a cute dress that makes me feel pretty. We…



  Yesterday on the blog we talked about my love for easy outfits… pieces you can mindlessly throw on and get out the door in no time. Well, this dress is one of those!     It’s by Marie Oliver and…


spring has sprung

This is my favorite time of year in Charleston—hands down. The mornings are chilly enough for a sweater, but by noon, the sun kisses your shoulders with a blanket of warmth. The downside is this amazing weather doesn’t last too long!…


currently loving

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