mixed bag

It has been forever since I’ve just chit chatted with y’all. These used to be my favorite posts, but then social media started booming and I felt like I was sharing everything through instagram posts and stories! But I forget that…


how I use essential oils in our everyday life

I was the first person to turn my head whenever someone would mention essential oils. Nope, not for me. No thank you.¬†The huge variety of oils, all the different brands, and remembering each oil’s purpose seemed way too overwhelming to me…


jewelry crush: enewton design

I was browsing a local boutique a few weeks ago while trying to find the perfect birthday gift for my mom. I scanned all the shelves and jewelry cases when I came across the sweetest bracelets that are made to stack,…


15 most recent amazon buys

My skin has been incredibly dry lately. I don’t know what it is, but covering this cold-pressed pure almond oil all over my body (in place of lotion) has helped a ton. It’s best if you can do it before bed…


my favorite coffee table books

Load up the coffee table books and you’ve got yourself a nice looking stack for decoration and a good pile of reading material. I find so much inspiration from my books, plus they’re nice to see on top of a table…


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