gift guide for babies and toddlers

I’d say this would be a great go-to for babies 9 months old through 3 years, more or less. Most everything is either something we own or something that we are giving Watson and Rosie for Christmas. Some really great things—a…


Watson’s Big Boy Room Progress Update

We are getting super close to having Watson’s big boy room all ready! He loves his crib, but he seems really excited about sleeping in a big boy bed. (Fingers crossed this remains the case!) Instead of just switching his crib…


The 10 Best Things I Put On My Baby Registry

  Making a baby registry can be so overwhelming. I didn’t make one with Rosie, but I remember those early days of being pregnant with Watson when I’d sit in front of my computer for hours researching what to add to…


15 most recent amazon buys

My skin has been incredibly dry lately. I don’t know what it is, but covering this cold-pressed pure almond oil all over my body (in place of lotion) has helped a ton. It’s best if you can do it before bed…


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