top ten under ten: beauty

I rounded up my list of top ten drugstore beauty items under $10. This was incredibly easy for me to compile because most of these have been in my beauty arsenal for years. Every single one of these has out performed…


product empties

“Product empties” is a concept I’ve grown to love on various beauty blogs and YouTube videos. It’s one time you know you’re getting a completely valid review because that person has taken the time to use the entire product, rather than…


crazy good beauty deals

We all love Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. It’s a great time to stock up on current season’s styles, nice boots and handbags, as well as high priced coats. But one thing I haven’t heard as much about are the BEAUTY EXCLUSIVES! The sales…


second day waves // vlog

I usually wash my hair every 2-3 days. On the second day, my go to look is usually the waves I’m featuring in this tutorial. Then, depending on how my hair looks, I will sometimes just pull my hair up into…


what's in my travel makeup bag?

Ever wonder what beauty items people take with them when they travel? I do, I do! I’m curious by nature and absolutely love to find out what people keep in their travel beauty bags (like creepily obsessed). So here’s to hoping…


Summer Smokey Eye Tutorial

I was asked to do a smokey eye tutorial that is perfect for summer nights. Well, here it is! I am still learning this whole youtube video thing. It’s quite a process getting videos edited and uploaded properly, so just bear…


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