favorite spring nail polish colors

I have a love hate relationship with nail polish. I absolutely love having a bright, cheery color on my nails, but I hate doing them myself, don’t have the luxury of going to get a weekly mani done by the pros,…


morning skincare routine

Finding a great skincare routine is about as difficult as winning the lottery. The options are endless and overwhelming, to say the least. The good thing is that I thoroughly enjoy learning about skincare products and am always up to try…


current makeup routine // base makeup

Hello lovers. Thought I’d share my base makeup routine with you. Base makeup, at least in my lingo, is everything except eye and lip makeup. The products I’m sharing with you are simply making up my “current” routine. This means I…


products you need to know about

Nars is one of my all time favorite makeup brands.  Specifically, their cheek powders are fabulous.  Another love of mine is in the form of makeup palettes.  They are a one stop shop – multiple options upon opening just one little…


must-have makeup brushes

I’ll shout it from the mountain tops all day long.  Good makeup brushes make the BIGGEST difference in how your makeup looks. Each brush is created for a different purpose and a different product.  Yes, that means your powder, blush, and…


best of beauty // 2013

I’m a few days late to the ball game here, but do you remember my “best of beauty 2012” post last year?  I thought I’d do the same for this past year, although looking back – a lot of the products…


currently loving

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