Wedding Wednesday – Feeling Good

I’ve felt it and I know you all have too.  While that cupcake, glass of wine, and extra handful of chips tastes so good, it leaves you feeling a little, well, blah later.  I’ve felt that blah feeling for way too…


Friday Five {workout gear}

{1} GapFit Side note… I have a confession.  I’m afraid to try on Lululemon.  I’ve walked in the store and perused their website a handful of times, but I forbid myself from trying anything on or placing an order.  I’ve admired from…


Thursday Mixed Bag

I’ve been juicing with my Big Boss Juicer every morning this week.  I thought I could drink a juice in lieu of eating breakfast, but I am just too hungry for that.  So, I’ll have a fresh juice first thing and…


ready to juice

I’ve been wanting to try a three-day juice cleanse for a while now, but always seem to make an excuse as to why I shouldn’t.  They’re expensive.  I’ll be hungry.  I have an event or dinner planned mid-week.  Not good for…


currently loving

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