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I’ve lately become obsessed with adding to my fine china collection. Well, I’m just looking at pictures right now and who knows, I might not even make any adjustments to the setting we already have. This might seem like an odd thing to think about since people aren’t entertaining guests right now, myself included—of course, but I think it’s on my mind because I’ve never been inside at home more than I am right now! I know china is not a popular thing to register for when you get married, but I always encourage everyone to do it.


easter decor favorites

Have I mentioned Easter is my favorite holiday? Maybe 35 times so far this year? Ok, good. Just so we’re on the same page!  Here are 20 favorites for decorating your home for the season, whether that’s because you’re putting together…


h&m spring finds

Lots of new arrivals have hit the site lately—home, kids, and things for us girls, too. Sharing my favorites because you know I love a good H&M find!


I’m loving these home finds from amazon

I recently asked for some suggestions on what you all would like to see on my blog and I had an overwhelming response to share home finds from amazon! I, too, am often sucked into the home categories and find myself…


how we care for our fiddle leaf figs

I imagine the title should say, “How Brandon cares for our Fiddle Leaf Fig Trees,” because all credit does go to him. He’s the master at it and I’m just the admirer. I asked him many months ago to share how…


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