updating our living room with GDC Home

You know when you just look at something every day and decide one day that you’re over it? Yep, that’s  what happened with us and our living room furniture. We had used our last sofas for over three years (and LOVED…


Rosie’s Mother Goose Themed 1st Birthday Party

I can’t believe we just celebrated Rosie’s first birthday! I truly do feel like we just brought her home from the hospital, so the feeling of having an entire year behind us is definitely bittersweet. More on the bitter end, I’d…


Watson’s Big Boy Bedroom

I’m so excited to share Watson’s new room with you! This was such a fun project for me, but I treaded lightly with it because I didn’t want this space to look like a bedroom for a six, seven, or eight…


20 favorite thoughtful gifts

A thoughtful gift is the most special kind to give and receive! When there’s meaning behind it, it doesn’t matter whether the gift was $3, $30, or even $3,000. The thoughtfulness just shines! Here are 20 of my favorite meaningful gifts.…


gift guide for her

My first gift guide is here! This one is full of things I think any classic lady would love. All price points, too. It starts at $16 and goes up to… well, let’s just say there are a couple splurge items.…


Watson’s Big Boy Room Progress Update

We are getting super close to having Watson’s big boy room all ready! He loves his crib, but he seems really excited about sleeping in a big boy bed. (Fingers crossed this remains the case!) Instead of just switching his crib…


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