8 Days of Cheer Giveaway #4

We have a little vintage Jenny Lind cradle that my brother and I both slept in for the first few months when we were born. My parents revamped it right before Watson was born, so it’s what we used by our…


8 Days of Cheer Giveaway #3

It’s DAY THREE of my “8 Days of Cheer” Giveaway Series! Today, one winner will receive a Maui Sisal Herringbone Rug in this same exact runner length & style from Rugs USA! HOW TO ENTER: Head over to my instagram and…


our living room

Our living room is by far our most used and loved area of our home. It’s spacious enough for us to really stretch out and for Watson to run around and play, but still feels cozy to me. I love how…


weekly roundup

I had on these overalls in an insta-story last week and got a bunch of questions about them. They are maternity and I bought mine here, but I just realized they are all sold out. NOO!! I will keep checking in…


My Tips for Practicing Self-Care

I’ve always been a person who needs self-care pretty often. I love socializing with friends, taking care of Watson, striving to give my relationship with Brandon the time it deserves, working whenever I can fit it in throughout the day, and…


home tour: our “old” house

“Old” because we don’t own it anymore and “old” because it was. It was built in 1942 and added on to twice. It was in the heart of town—I mean, we couldn’t have asked for a better location because we could…


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